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MisSpelled (@_misspelled) is a new comedy, drama and fantasy series from writer/actress Lindsey McDowell. Centering around a coven of “clueless witches” learning to cope with their new found powers and overcoming their personal differences, all while trying to “save themselves from impending doom.”  

An Créatúr

Recently I’ve become obsessed with all things Misfits. This British show is completely amazing, and I feel like I’ve been missing out on a lot of good television from across the pond. That being said, this Misfits-obsession includes the main actors and their previous/present/future works from film to theater to music. I’m currently on a Robert Sheehan Kick as he is one of the first characters from Misfits that I was drawn to. No seriously, the guy is Mr. Charisma. Anyway, recently he starred alongside Nick Cage in Season of the Witch, but I’m currently watching a bunch of his previous work, and I just felt the need to share this short film he starred in. It’s called “An Créatúr” (2007) and it follows an unusual boy from his birth, up until the age of 16. I did notice that the film won the Audience Award at the Cork International Film Festival of 2007 as well as Best Live Action Short Film at The Carousel International Film Festival in 2008, and after watching, I believe those awards were just. The film slightly creeped me out, but as I watched I became more and more intrigued by it, and then ultimately, my heart ached. Why? Because it’s acted so beautifully. Robert barely has any lines in the film, but it’s so beautifully acted nonetheless. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

Fever Seoul Competition

Fever Seoul was an online bboy and bgirl competition organized by Seoul City Government to spread a worldwide appreciation for the bboy culture in Seoul. While the competition is over, I still wanted to shed light on it. In September, participants sent in their videos for a chance to battle against Korean bboys Bruce Lee, Pocket, Vero, Skim, Rookie, and Jay Park. After a couple of rounds and call-outs by youtube submissions, they chose the top 6 international finalists to fly out to Seoul to battle against the top 6 Korean breakers. Repping the international top 6 are: Redo (Holland), Atomic Goofball (USA), Yoriyas (Africa), Drama (Italy), Aranha (Brazil), and Victor Kim (USA). So check out submissions and the videos below…

Save Greek! A Red-Cup-A-Thon

Alright, guys and gals. I know I always say I’m going to post about my favorite show “Greek”, only to put it off with a “more on that later” type of thing that  sorta developed from an inside joke between me and a friend. However, this time, I’m not kidding around: this is an actual post on ABC Family’s only show worth watching, Greek. I’m really sad that it’s come to this, but I feel like I should do my little part in spreading the word about such a great show that’s on the verge of possibly getting canceled.


20-CRYMiliyah Kato, 20, released her  14th  single titled 20-Cry last week and I love it.  The single is a tie-in with a special cell phone drama of the same name, and it draws on the emotional changes that a young 20 year old woman goes through. The ballad is very reminiscent of her previous release 19 Memories, on which she also sang about the emotional shift of becoming an adult.

Jessica H.o's Life Is Good

jessica1In case you didn’t know, I’m a fan of Korean music..also, it’s been some time since I’ve listened to any; almost a year! So you can imagine my surprise when I checked my inbox this morning and found that a friend of mine sent me a little nudge about one of Kpop’s good Bad Girls. I was even more surprised that it was Jessica H.o no less. I guess you can say I call her a “good Bad Girl” because she’s like the girl in your crew who is a sweet heart, but she’s always up to something, and you KNOW it’s going to lead to trouble, but you’re so down for the ride. Also, I guess you can kinda say that I didn’t expect Jessica to really recover from her mistake a few years back, but she did…and apparently Life is Good.

Go Josiah, GO!

josiah21If you’re a fan of American Idol, you’re probably getting all giddy at the thought of the new season about to start. I love American Idol just as much as the next guy, and I was just tryna get in the zone, when out of the blue I thought of Josiah. You remember him right? The young man who was living in his car? The one who had the British accent when he sang? The one who got voted off WAY prematurely? Well I was just wondering what was going on with him and his album that AI threatened to shut down, due to the contract he signed to be on the show.