Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Greg Hvnsen – “What Would You Have Me Do”

Greg Hvnsen had me at “hello” with his thick, raspy vocals at the beginning of his “What Would You Have Me Do” song. It smooths out a little bit once the rest of the beat falls in line, but, overall, his smoky voice with this synth-pop wonder beat and joyful melody is such a stunning pairing that I didn’t expect to hear when I pushed play. I damn near melted like buttah–not butter, buttahhhh. He has released a few singles prior to this one (check them out here), but this is my introduction to him and, I assume, is his big push into the music scene. Let it be your introduction to this Florida singer/producer, too, and look out for more from this guy.

Tef Wesley – “Gametime” (ft Jered Sanders & Cane) remix

A couple of days ago, DMV-based emcee Tef Wesley dropped a remix to his Grussle-produced “Gametime” single. Featuring extra verses from Jered Sanders and Cane, all three emcees wreck the mic with fury, serving up heavy bars laced with aggressive deliveries and sharp game-related metaphors. They prove that they’re not here to play… unless, perhaps, it’s on the court or in the field. Give it a listen below and download for free at Soundcloud.

Hoosier Apex – “Breakfast of Champions” EP

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So, check it: emcee Id Obelus (whom I’ve written about on CB before, but haven’t caught up with him in a very long time), emcee Richard Cook, emcee Branimal, and producer Ace Ha have separately been creating hip hop music that spans across the last four decades. They have also been frequent collaborators with one another, which you can audibly witness over at the Wormusic Bandcamp page. They’ve never teamed up all at once, just two or three at a time… until now. All four of these Indiana natives joined to make music under the name Hoosier Apex, and they just released their debut project on February 2nd. Paying homage to Kurt Vonnegut’s novel of the same name, Breakfast of Champions is a 4-song EP that acts as an introduction to what the group has to offer.

San + Hanzo Reiza: Tenchu (天誅)

Here’s some new sounds from London emcee Hanzo Reiza and Kingdom of Lesotho producer and instrumentalist San. Titled Tenchu in homage to the old ninja code (and video game), the collaboration features ten tracks of rhythm and rhyme from the pair, rough around the edges purposefully so to call to mind “an old katana blade.”  Listen and download below:

Joogy Music – “Out of the Box” album

On November 27th, Colorado-based producer Joogy Music released a 12-track project, called Out of the Box. It’s a compilation that showcases his production credentials through a variety of songs that he produced for numerous rappers, including fellow Organized Threat artists Papa J. Ruiz (see “Pains of Love” video) and Von Poe VII, as well as Papi Dollaz (watch “Hands Up Can’t Breathe” video), Simlah Henry, Ramond, and others. His production styles range from experimental hip hop to trap (if you want to hear more of his beats, check out Samples of Fire). Half of the songs on this album, though, is music that I don’t personally enjoy, but the other half of it is music that I do. Either way, see what you think by listening to the album below, then download for free or name your price, if you’re feelin’ it.

Small Professor – “Mixed Jawns IV” album

The last time that I shared a Small Professor project was in 2014, and here we are with 2015 coming to an end… and he has since dropped a handful of projects. Oops. Well, today, he dropped a late Christmas gift for his listeners, so I’m gonna share it now. Mixed Jawns IV is the 15th–YEP, FIFTEENTH–“Jawns” project, and the Philly producer compiles 12 beats where, I believe, he flipped other producer’s samples and also attempted to recreate their styles. He does a pretty damn good job, too, especially with the 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus, Knxwledge, Diamond D, Pete Rock, and DJ Shadow jawns. I was smiling and nodding my head when listening to this project, so give it a listen and then download it for free or name your own price.

Knightstalker & Falling Down – “Built 4 Eternity” (ft Dark Skinned Assassin, Merc Versus & Ackurate)

From Germany and New York, respectively, emcee Knightstalker and producer Falling Down are gearing up to release their Kept In Perspective II EP soon. Following their first single, they bring back emcee Dark Skinned Assassin, as well as Merc Versus and Ackurate, to slay some rhymes on “Built 4 Eternity”.

Over a smooth, string-laden boom bap beat, laced with a chopped and looped soul vocal, the four emcees spit bars that speak on passion, perseverance, and the power within the each of them to be eternally successful. Give it a listen and download for free. Look out for their new EP!

Onry Ozzborn – “Something Is Wrong” (ft Jaeda)

In October, Onry Ozzborn dropped a second song from his forthcoming DUO album, called “Something Is Wrong”, and I freakin’ love it! Over a hollow and eerie beat, produced by SmokeM2D6, Onry Ozzborn takes the form of Psycho killer Norman Bates, spilling dark raps that dissect and question his own actions and warped mind. In the second verse, Jaeda takes the form of his twisted, deceased mother that, if you remember, Norman sees/becomes with his split-personality. They trade verses a few times and maaaaan… they both SLAY this psychological thriller of a song, with vicious and vivid storytelling lyricism that embodies the two characters really well. It’s so damn cool and creative. Put this one in your soundtrack somewhere, Bates Motel! Give it a listen below and download the song for free (name your price), if you haven’t already.

Zavala – “Memory Traps” EP

Producer Zavala, who you might know from Dark Time Sunshine, has dropped a brand new EP, called Memory Traps. The Chicago native was inspired by his own hometown’s house scene, and you can hear that in these four tracks. This EP is a stunning and rather serene listen. It’s electronic music that’s largely driven by calming, downtempo vibes, sizzling synths, uptempo drum lines that give it that footwork movement, and an array of atmospheric sounds, vocal bits, and instrumental samples that are hypnotically looped. This music is perfect to listen to while reflecting, unwinding from a long day, to feel at peace to, or to dance with. I’ve been listening to Memory Traps for the last week or so, between hanging out in my bedroom and walking outside in the chilly morning weather, and I cannot get enough of it. Give it a listen. Stream the album below and then name your price on it over at Bandcamp.

Ciphurphace – “I’ll Always Love H.E.R.”

Last month, New Jersey-based emcee Ciphurphace dropped a song called “I’ll Always Love H.E.R.” It’s a straight-forward, boom bap song, produced by Scorpioflo, that finds Ciph rapping about his long-time love for, and dedication to, hip hop. His wordplay is fun, too, because he weaves hip hop artists and songs into his story about hip hop’s progression. Give it a listen below, download for free via Soundcloud, and look out for this song on his forthcoming album, In Phaced God We Trust. Until then, go browse his extensive discography over on Bandcamp.

Manila Killa & Kidswaste – “Can’t Do Without You” (Caribou cover)

Whenever I hear a remix or cover of a song, especially if it’s a song I’ve never heard of, I have to go find the original to hear to compare the two–because, no matter what, you’re always going to compare the songs and see which one is better. Is the remix/cover going to be better? Will it pale in comparison to the original? You know how it goes.

The New Math – “Get Bodied”

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On the heels of releasing their album, titled Time and Mind, San Jose hip hop duo The New Math are back with a new single. “Get Bodied” finds Dem One traveling through time to deliver a hip hop banger, spitting boastful bars about what they bring to the party, over B.O.O.K.S. One‘s beat of 8-bit electronics dances alongside hard-hitting drums and recognizable vocal samples. Listen below, download for free, and let that music of the future vibrate in your ear.