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DOROTHY – “Raise Hell” video

My first introduction to the band DOROTHY was two weeks ago, when I saw a secret preview of this music video and then shared their newest single “Raise Hell” (and some of their other songs) in one of our SOUNDCHECK posts. Today, the Los Angeles rock group dropped the song’s music video, just in time for Thanksgiving.

In the video, the band shows up to a family’s house for Thanksgiving, only to find that their seating is at the kid’s table. Pissed with the lack of respect from a stuck-up family, the band raises a little hell by flipping the table, starting a food fight, and doing a bad-ass performance of the bluesy-rock song. Sometimes you gotta start a riot to create a little fun. Check it out.


Today, I watched the unreleased music video for DOROTHY‘s latest single “Raise Hell”, without knowing who they were, and was loving their energetic, hard rock sound. I then learned that they are the band behind the bluesy-rock song “Wicked Ones“, which I’ve heard several times in a Levi’s commercial. It’s always good to put a face to a name, especially when they’re faces of wickedly talented people.

DOROTHY is a 4-person rock group from Los Angeles, California, made up of lead-singer Dorothy Martin, drummer Zac Morris, guitarist Mark Jackson, and bassist Gregg Cash. On September 11th, 2015, they released their self-titled debut EP, which introduced the world to 5 original songs. I’m gonna talk about a couple of my favorites: “Wicked Ones”, “After Midnight”, and their latest single “Raise Hell”.

Casualties of War

Taking a unique and jarring look at the reality of war, the art collective Dorothy created a set of wonderful eye-opening figurines in the style of the old army toys we all had at one point or another. Inspired by a 2009├é┬áColorado Springs Gazette article, the figurines reflect the untold story of so many servicemen and women after they’ve returned home from war.