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Guillaume Lorentz: Blood On The Leaves

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It’s been about two months since French choreographer Guillaume Lorentz uploaded a new routine to his channel, and even longer since I’ve had the time to watch his super fun vids. For his “return” to youtube, he’s uploaded a September Exclusive: a routine set to Kanye West’s Blood On The Leaves. I’ve already watched it about 5 times. #ItsSoGood!

#SongChallenge Day 13: A Song You Sing To In The Shower

When, I was a kid, I remember singing Bobby Darin’s “Splish, Splash” in the bath. I remember it so vividly, because there’s home video of that. Of course, I was too young to know who sang it, but you know. Anyway, today’s song challenge is dedicated to a song that we sing in the shower. Naturally, this changes daily, mostly depending on which song we have stuck in our heads that day, so let’s get into it!

#SongChallenge Day 9: A Song That Makes You Dance

Get down, get down! We’re spotlighting songs which put the boogie in our step in today’s #SongChallenge! Whether it’s bopping to the beat or actually shaking your groove thang, it’s all about the Songs That Make You Dance. We Tiffs can’t wait to share our song choices with you so without further ado, here we go!

BLCK + MSHRM: Needle

BLCK  MSHRM aka Rafael Casal (@RafaelCasal) and Nico Cary (@drinkfreely) dropped a new jam this past week and I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with it. Titled Needle, the track is slightly different from BLCK MSHRM’s previous releases, with this one being a bit more on the sentimental side with Rafael’s singing and melancholy love lyrics. However, the track isn’t completely dark clouds and lost-loves thanks to the amazing adrenaline-inducing production (which I’m going to take a stab at and attribute to Nico), which in combination with the lyrics makes this a perfect dance/r&b track that I personally feel is perfect for radio play…but then again I tend to think everything they do is perfect. Check it out below (along with the visual for their “Royal” Freestyle).

Guillaume Lorentz- Foreign by Trey Songz

Choreographer extraordinaire Guillaume Lorentz (@LorentzOfficial) just released his newest piece to Trey Songz (@TreySongz) Foreign. Once again, Lorentz (with his equally amazing dancers Ade and Laura ) put it down, showcasing...

Guillaume Lorentz- Yiruma (River Flows In You)

Choreographer extraordinaire Guillaume Lorentz ( @LorentzOfficiel ) released a new piece today set to Yiruma's River Flows In You. Stepping out of the box he, along with dancers Jay and Ade,...

i-D Presents: A-Z of Dance

The ever-influential i-D Magazine presents an amazing look at different dance-styles in their A-Z of Dance video, uploaded about a week ago on youtube. With a soundtrack of Le1f's "Wut,"...

Geneva- Got A Man

Toronto based singer-songwriter Geneva has unleashed her new single "Got A Man" right on time for spring. The song, written after spending a night out on the town, has a...

Silverclub: ‘Gravity’ & ‘Trouble’

New music from Manchester-based band Silverclub! The band's new tracks were released via Soundcloud this past week and I'm loving them! It's been a while since I got my jam...

Mio Soul: Flying Deep

For the past year, Mio Soul has been experimenting with sound and creating a catalog of instrumentals that cover a plethora of moods and feelings in addition to her 30 min Starbucks Challenges that she started in 2012. Last month, she posted the latest of her instrumental experiments, titled Flying Deep, a track that gets more and more energetic as it  progresses making it great for sweating out stress on the dance floor or even, as she tagged it, for a cheerleading competition (don’t front like you don’t watch those cheerleading competitions, cuz you know they get down)!  Anyway, check out Mio Soul’s Flying Deep after the cut!

Geneva – Secret (prod. by Boddhi Satva)

Toronto based singer-songwriter Geneva‘s secret is that she’s probably good at everything she does. Taking the “concept of doing something forbidden from a woman’s standpoint” Geneva’s sultry confessional over Boddhi Satva‘s soft dance beat makes for an interesting combination of forbidden fun. The collaboration came about when Geneva and Boddhi connected via Twitter and decided to create something that wasn’t the norm. The route they took for this specific subject matter is definitely a different twist but also leaves the door open for different interpretations and remixes. Check it out after the cut and leave your thoughts below:

Beats Per Minute with Roses Gabor & Toddla T

I initially got put onto Roses Gabor when I saw the music video for her “Stars” song. So, to find out that she is taking part in a very cool project and program with Toddla T, I feel nothing but excitement for her. Bacardí Beginnings has started up a unique mentoring program that brings together established musicians with up-and-coming talent, giving them a new platform to showcase their music to a bigger audience and ultimately push the boundaries of music production and creation. Original tracks will be released from each pairing.