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The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats (part 3)

Good morning, readers! I am proud to announce that the third part in my The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats compilation series is out TODAY. If you aren’t familiar with this concept compilation series that I have curated, let me briefly explain what it is.

As an 80’s baby and a child of the 90s, I read the Goosebumps books as a kid and, boy, did a lot of them scare me. In my years, I’ve also seen all of The Twilight Zone episodes, and continue to watch the series when it marathons during holidays. Similarly, they are really cool, innovative creations that tell tales involving themes of horror, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, comedy and beyond–they take your mind into strange and scary situations that are based on dream and reality.

Anacron – “Summer In Los Angeles” video

Last year, we released the Summer Series: California compilation. It featured a variety of hip hop artists from and/or based in the state, who wrote and recorded an exclusive CrayonBeats song for our warm-weather theme. Multi-talented hip hop musician Anacron held it down for his city with his electro-funk heater, “Summer In Los Angeles”! Last summer, I got word that he was shooting the music video for the song, and it’s finally here!

Filmed and directed by Big Hobin for BPLA, Anacron soaks up the sun in Los Angeles while describing a unique weekend experience in his hometown. This includes kayaking, climbing rock walls, warming up by bonfires, and “reading CrayonBeats, just beneath the palm tree“. Cameos from the models of Cupcake Cartel. Watch then video, then stream/download the track directly from our full compilation.

Uncommon Nasa – “Twenty Two” video (premier)

In 2012, I curated our 5th compilation titled The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats. With the songs based around the Twilight Zone TV series and the Goosebumps books, I reached out to several musicians that I thought could take on this concept-based writing/recording task and create something amazing. New York emcee/producer Uncommon Nasa was one of those individuals.

Inspired by the horrifying Twilight Zone episode Twenty Two–where the premise finds the panicked lead character Liz Powell having a recurring nightmare about taking an elevator to the basement and being invited into the hospital morgue–Nasa retells the haunting story of inevitable doom from a more personal experience in his song of the same name. “The subject matter on the track deals with failure at inopportune times and that’s displayed through 3 stories that all begin on a crowded elevator,” says Nasa of the video. Premiering here on CrayonBeats, watch the music video directed by Matt Swift in Brooklyn.

Anacron – “Summer In Los Angeles” (live video)

Our good friend Anacron has been performing his “Summer In Los Angeles” song from our most recent compilation at his shows. He recently performed the song at the AITP Music Festival last month, so check that out below. We love it!

In case you missed it, on August 16th, we dropped a compilation featuring musicians from California. All artists were tasked to write and record a song about summer in California/their city, and it turned out dope. Stream and download for free here.

CrayonBeats Summer Series: California (vol. 1) compilation!

Yes, that’s right, we’re back with another CrayonBeats compilation! As most of you may already know, we’ll be visiting San Francisco, California this year to hold a couple of events and to do other CB-related things (2013 update). This will be the first in our Summer Series annual event, where we’ll be going to a different city each year. To coincide with our trip this year, we reached out to a handful of talented hip hop artists that hold it down in California. Their mission was to write and record an exclusive song for this compilation’s concept: Summer in California.

Not The 1s – “You Can’t Scare Me” video

First let me say that if you haven’t heard our most recent compilation, The Monsters Are Due on CrayonBeats (released last year), you should do that now. All exclusive songs, where every musician wrote/recorded a song for us that related to stories from either The Twilight Zone tv series or the Goosebumps books.

With that said, I am really happy to say that one of the songs from our compilation now has a music video! For their Goosebumps inspired song (book title is the same), Not The 1s dropped the music video for their “You Can’t Scare Me” song. Directed by Vanessa Carr, it shows a woman named Lioness fighting against Wolfman in a post-apocalyptic battle to the death. Video game style. Round 1: FIGHT!

Speed Dial 7 – “Rap Tapes Vol. 6”

Five days ago, Speed Dial 7 put together a collection of all his favorite songs from 2012. The mix is called “Rap Tapes Vol. 6“, and features songs by Killer Mike, Big Boi, El-P, Ab-Soul, The Coup, Kendrick Lamar, Santigold, Blue Sky Black Death, and many others. Stream and download it for free below.

CrayonBeats Presents Vol. 5: “The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats”

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll know that this year we’ve released a couple of concept compilations. In February, we dropped our love-and-heartache themed compilation, titled “Love… This Might Hurt“. Then, Tiffny and I decided to each take on a compilation, where we’d be handling separate projects. In September, Tiffny dropped the stellar “Girls Named Tiffany“, featuring ladies named… Tiffany. Yup! You should understand why. Stream and download both of those, and our previous volumes, if you missed them. No, really, go do it!

Our last compilation this year is volume number five. Put together entirely by me, CrayonBeats presents “The Monsters Are Due on CrayonBeats“. The title is a play on an episode of The Twilight Zone. However, this compilation features two different themes — The Twilight Zone (episodes) and Goosebumps (books).

CrayonBeats Presents Vol. 4: Girls Named Tiffany

feat. @JoiTiffany , @brandnewtiffany , @IAmTiffanyLeigh , @TIFFANY_SHANTE , @itz_tiffany , @777IVEY , @tiffanyjoymusic and more!

The fourth installation in CrayonBeat’s free compilation mixtape series, Girls Named Tiffany features just that: an audiogasm of talented Tiffanys who make music to fit whatever your tastes. With this volume, it dawned on me that almost every Tiffany I knew was pretty awesome. So I said to Tiff (Tiffology), why don’t we do a ‘Tiffany’ mixtape? And here it is. As probably the first and only all girls-who-happen-to-be-named-Tiffany-hosted-by-a-website-run-by-two-girls-named-Tiffany mixtape, Tiffology couldn’t help herself but to hit that home for you. Mind blown yet? No, then read on and check out these amazing women, these Girls Named Tiffany.

CrayonBeats presents “Vol 3: Love… This Might Hurt”

It’s finally here… the third volume in our compilation series! This is the first installment that has a theme. And, it’s in 2 parts. The first, and main, portion is based around love. As you know, love is universal. Love for a significant other, self-love, love for friends and family, love for music… anything that those involved wanted to aim towards. The second, smaller, half is the flip-side of love — a broken heart. That’s the explanation behind the title, “Love… This Might Hurt“.

On “Love…“, you will find music from Jason Minnis, I.deals (IV The Polymath & Jondis), Andrew David, Gigio, O.B., Hanzo Reiza, Graves33, HALFMANHALF, Knightstalker, PremRock, Matty Slims. and Cixed. On “This Might Hurt“, we have Ill Clinton, P.U.N., Andrew David, Myc Ripley, Proe, and Illestrait.

CrayonBeats presents: “This Might Hurt” contest

Hey everyone! If you’re fans or following us, you may already know about this contest.

The “This Might Hurt” mini contest is an opportunity for sound providers (singers, rappers, beat makers/producers, spoken word poets, etc) worldwide to make some music and share it with our audience and listeners. Our compilations reach people all over the globe, so you’re bound to gain new fans and people reaching out to you. Let’s all come together with music – you help us, we help you.