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Guillaume Lorentz: Blood On The Leaves

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It’s been about two months since French choreographer Guillaume Lorentz uploaded a new routine to his channel, and even longer since I’ve had the time to watch his super fun vids. For his “return” to youtube, he’s uploaded a September Exclusive: a routine set to Kanye West’s Blood On The Leaves. I’ve already watched it about 5 times. #ItsSoGood!

Ruby Red Li: BELLY (TBC Showcase)

Rub Red Li is a dancehall choreographer from Taiwan who recently hit me up about her piece from the TBC Dancehall Showcase. Having returned from her trip to Jamaica...

Guillaume Lorentz- Foreign by Trey Songz

Choreographer extraordinaire Guillaume Lorentz (@LorentzOfficial) just released his newest piece to Trey Songz (@TreySongz) Foreign. Once again, Lorentz (with his equally amazing dancers Ade and Laura ) put it down, showcasing...

Guillaume Lorentz- Yiruma (River Flows In You)

Choreographer extraordinaire Guillaume Lorentz ( @LorentzOfficiel ) released a new piece today set to Yiruma's River Flows In You. Stepping out of the box he, along with dancers Jay and Ade,...

Ruby Red: Aboriginal Dancehall

Since we last interviewed her, international dancer and choreographer Ruby Red has been continuing  her hard work promoting Jamaican and Indigenous Taiwanese cultures in Taiwan. As resident Dancehall Queen and proud descendant of the Seediq tribe, she has appeared in Ryu Black’s Metsu Anstsusaken last year and she also teaches dancehall classes at Lumi Dance School. Her latest project continues her passion for  bringing awareness to, and combining Seediq culture with Reggae/dancehall. Teaming up with fellow choreographer Yin, Ruby Red created this amazing piece for her student’s showcase in traditional aboriginal dance was combined with reggae-dancehall steps. The result is visually amazing. With this new dance, Ruby aims to create a new genre all together: Aboriginal Dancehall.

Andrey Boyko

I figured since I’ve already told you guys about Guillaume Lorentz, a choreographer I’m really impressed with at the moment, I might as well put you on to another artist. His name is Andrey Boyko and he is from Russia. He specializes in Reggae Dancehall, and again, I can’t stop watching his videos. One of the things I like most about Andrey’s style is how he creates a unique blend of Dancehall and Modern dance moves. I’ve been subscribed to his videos for some time now, and I always see in the comments someone harping that his combo’s aren’t “pure ragga style” or some other mess…and I just laugh because they obviously don’t understand the living monster that is dance. Check out some of my favorite combinations from Andrey. They boy gets down.

Guillaume Lorentz

Guillaume Lorentz is a French dancer and choreographer whose youtube videos have recently caught my eye. A member of Hey Crew, he also teaches choreography in association with the French dance collective Ragga Jam Officiel, and those (his reggae choreo) just happen to be my favorite style to see him perform. Check out some of his work below.

Interview: Ruby Red

Reggae Dancehall Queen, Ruby Red stands out from the crowd with her crimson locks swishing through the air as she moves it and grooves it. Teaching her students the hottest combination to the hottest reggae beat she attacks the dance floor, with so much energy it’s hard not to get hyped just by watching her. Aside from her vibrantly colored hair and insane skill, Ruby Red  stands out as one of the very few choreographers in Taiwan who dedicate their talents to promoting and inspiring Reggae culture. As a relatively underground scene in the vast country, where pop, electronica, classical, and hip hop rule the airwaves and dancefloors, Ruby Red’s love of Reggae and Dancehall is rare, but much welcomed in the ever increasing Global Village of music and dance. She’s so dope, Reggae artist Lyrikill made a song especially for her, and she in turn cranked out a bad-ass routine to go with it! Currently, Ruby Red is teaching classes in Taiwan for any who’s interested in learning, and her youtube channel has many samples of her work. After watching just two of her videos, I so impressed by her overall talent that I asked RubyRed if she’d be so kind as to answer a few questions with me. Read on for her interview:

Magic Bathroom = WIN!

bathroomMike Song and Di “Moon” Zang collaborated on this short, yet super awesome clip of two friends who get together to choreograph one of the best routines I’ve seen in a minute….all with the help of  a Magic Bathroom. Check it: