Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Chic Gamine – “Christmas Vol. 1” EP

Last year, Canadian soul-pop band Chic Gamine released their first holiday-themed EP, called Christmas Vol. I. I didn’t know about it last year, so I’m posting it today. It’s a 5-track project that includes songs like: “Throw Another Log (On The Fire)”, a mellow pop song that’s about spending Christmas with people you love, complete with country-tinged guitars and drums, and tender back-up vocals; “Noel (au coin de Portage et Main) “, a sweet-sounding song that’s driven by marching drums, a little quirky synth line, and a groovy guitar bit; a soulful and melancholy cover song about unrequited love around the holidays, called “Last Christmas”; and a couple others. This EP is more easy-going pop and tender soul, stripped of the rock-influence that I was kind of used to hearing in their music; however, that said, it’s particularly fitting for the season. Give it a listen below, and download for $4.95 over on Bandcamp.

Chic Gamine – “Light A Match” video

With a 5-year gap between studio albums, Chic Gamine (@chicgamine) are releasing their third album on October 23rd, called Light A Match. The last I heard from them was when I interviewed the group in 2013, who have since said goodbye to founding member Ariane Jean, and in came multi-instrumentalist Benoit Morier (pictured in white in the photo above). Pushing an evolved, more pumped-up sound, the group released their title track today and matched it with a music video, too.

Interview: Chic Gamine

I first heard about the Canada-based band Chic Gamine this April, and immediately rushed here with excitement to write about them. It was like stumbling across this big, incredible secret that you couldn’t wait to share with the world… in this case, the readers of CrayonBeats. Chic Gamine is 5-person band that is made up of four rotating lead lady singers and one man whom is the drummer. They are Andrina Turenne (vocals, keys, guitar, percussion), Alexa Dirks (vocals, keys, percussion), Annick Bremault (vocals, keys, percussion), Ariane Jean (vocals, keys, percussion), and Sacha Daoud (drummer).

They released their album Closer in March, and since hearing it they have made it to my top list of favorite bands. The album pushes youthful pop melodies, vintage R&B rhythms, fun danceable beats, and relatable poetic lyrics. All four women have powerful, unique voices where they can easily stand out when singing solo and also when they sing together to do their notable, pure soulful harmonies.  They are incredible musicians, singers, instrumentalists, and they have charming personalities to match. I feel while they may be compared to, and definitely possess, a 50’s/60’s girl group sound, they also incorporate heavy elements of modern pop, soul, blues, and some rock. They don’t just enclose themselves in a single box. Like a flower that grows between cracks of concrete, they stand out amongst a lot of bands that I’ve been exposed to this year. I hope that you, too, will enjoy them and become a fan.

I had the pleasure to interview the band, discussing things like how they formed as a group, the crazy coincidence of all of their names beginning with the letter “A”, their album Closer, some of their songs, who they’d invite to dinner, writing songs as a group, their “tantrum workout”, touring, and what’s next for the band. Check it out!

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Chic Gamine perform “Shake Off Your Worries”

The wonderfully amazing band Chic Gamine performed “Shake Off Your Worries” at the Triple Rock Social Club, in Minneapolis. Filmed by Edgar Martin, it finds all four girls creating the beat with hand claps and foot stomps, harmonizing and singing a song of advice in rough times. The beat builds up when drummer Sacha adds in minimal drum work, followed by a bass drum and cymbals by the ladies. These girls have so much soul, possess positive energies, and all have beautiful, vivacious voices. Check it out, and pick up their album Closer.


I need to get you all familiar with one of my newly favorite bands! So, pay attention. Chic Gamine–roughly translated as stylish mischievous young thing–is a band from Canada that seems to have time-traveled from the 50-60s girl group era, reinventing the doo-wop sound with modern flare. Aside from their gentleman drummer, Sacha Daoud, this band has 4 front women rocking mics and instruments. The ladies are Andrina Turenne (vocals, keys, guitar, percussion), Alexa Dirks (vocals, keys, percussion), Annick Bremault (vocals, keys, percussion), and Ariane Jean (vocals, keys, percussion).