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Zerolex – “Twofold” EP

The last time that I wrote about French producer Zerolex was over a year ago, when he released an EP with Holy Two. Since then, he has dropped the Volutes EP with his Cotton Claw producer collective, and has released his second solo EP, titled Twofold, which is also the most recent. Composed of two new songs, and a dazzling remix by Nikitch, we hear Zerolex exploring a more evolved electronic path, where he has constructed futuristic-type beats that are ultra rich in synth textures, percussion samples, underlying jazzy tones, and melodic movement. I like them both a lot, as well as the remix. Watch the animated music video for the title track, done by Dylan Cote-Colisson and Pierre Lafanechère, and then stream the EP. Then, purchase for $2 via Parisian label Cascade Records.

Dregs One & Ill Sugi – “Emotion” (ft Gas Mask Colony) video

(@dregs_one @ill_sugiee)
From Dregs One and Ill Sugi‘s Universal Language album, the music video for “Emotion” dropped a few days ago. Featuring Gas Mask Colony, we see everyone roaming throughout San Francisco, kicking introspective raps about coping with the highs and lows of life, while also reminding us that everything isn’t as bad as it could be. Watch the video below, directed by Kolepa.

I’m From Finland – “Young Love”

Nicolas Pencolé is a producer from Rennes, France, who makes electronic music under the alias I’m From Finland (IFF, for short). Having connected with Parisian label Cascade Records, he will be releasing a 5-track EP on February 19th. My introduction to this guy was through his title track, called “Young Love”, and it’s such a good, chill song to bump on this Tuesday afternoon.

As one of his 3 vocal songs, we hear IFF‘s warm-toned voice singing a song about the negative emotions that can come with falling in love, such as fighting against self-doubt and over-thinking things (“I wanted to run away, whoa oh // I wanted to run away // But I’m glad I didn’t, no no“). His production is just as soothing and moody as his vocals, as his relatable, struggle-with-love story is propelled by downtempo keys, rhythmic hand claps, and a few distorted vocal loops. I could listen to this on repeat for hours. Give it a listen, and look out for the EP soon!

Kuna Maze – “Tricky Part” EP

Kuna Maze is a producer from Lyon, France, whose music sits somewhere between electronic, hip hop, and experimental jazz. He released his debut EP, titled Tricky Part, on September 4th via Cascade Records. It’s a 4-track project that plays out like a chill soundtrack to a journey through space, made with head-nodding drums, delicate percussion, funky electronics, and a lot of silky smooth synth lines. While I like the EP as a whole, my favorite tracks are “Time Trial” and “Flip It”. Give the EP a listen below, and download it from Bandcamp for only $3.

Dregs One & Ill Sugi – “Universal Language” album

(#dregsone @ill_sugiee)
San Francisco emcee Dregs One linked with Tokyo producer Ill Sugi for an album, titled Universal Language, that released on November 9th via French label Cascade Records. It is said that Dregs One’s music reached Ill Sugi through a local record store while still in high school, which later led them to communicating on the internet. After Sugi sent Dregs some beats and remixed a few of his songs, he flew to the Bay Area to visit and stayed with Dregs during his trip. The album was created over the course of a couple of years, but that trip is what birthed it all.

Ateller – “Wolfchild” (ft Denitia)

Today, I got put onto Brooklyn-based producer Ateller, after seeing that he’s releasing an EP with the French label Cascade Records. Two out of the five songs are ready to stream now, and those being “BK Dusk” and “Wolfchild”. While both are beautiful songs, I wanted to share “Wolfchild”, in particular, since it’s the newest single.

Classified as a future-R&B song, Ateller creates a relaxed, seductive mood with clapping snares, jittery percussion, wobbly synths, and slowed-down background vocals, while singer Denitia unwinds with her smooth, soulful voice and love-infused lyrics. Listen to the song below, and look out for Ateller‘s 1001 Nights EP on June 1st.

Ogiyy – “Nostalgia” album

Ogiyy (@ogiyy) is a late-twenties beatmaker / DJ from Kyoto, Japan. He started DJing at the age of 16, making music around 18, and eventually moved to Tokyo when he was 20. His musical style is described as being rooted in hip hop, trap, R&B and soul, which can be heard in all of his releases so far. He released his first project in 2011, called Taste of Freedom (via Subenoana), which was a collaboration with emcee Val (see the music video for “Movin’“). He followed that with Duality in 2012 (via Day Tripper Records), and Blackout in 2013 (via Claxloop).

Linn Mori – “Sail To The Moon” album

Linn Mori is a hip hop beat maker from in Tokyo, Japan, and he just released his debut album via French label Cascade Records. Released today, on January 28th, Sail To The Moon is filled with 22 exotic beats that are rich in long, beautiful sax solos, boom bap drum rhythms, and chopped vocals. You’ll also hear some silky strings, flirtatious flute notes, and twinkling chimes. It’s a beautiful composition of music from beginning to end.

Zo aka La chauve-souris – “Mississip’hip” album

France-based beatmaker Zo aka La Chauve-Souris (meaning “The Bat” in French) will be dropping a limited-edition 7″ vinyl on May 30th, via Cascade Records. Drawing inspiration from the Afro American roots, in Blues and Gospel, Mississip’hip will have 2 new singles. The smooth and soulful “Be Allright”; and a piano and brass banger called “Burnin'” that features Phat Kat and Raashan Ahmad.

Check out a couple of teasers below, and reserve your pre-order copy.