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Adeem – “Looking For A Window” (ft Blueprint) video

New Hampshire emcee Adeem, whom some might be more familiar with through his hip hop group Glue, has just released a brand new song, called “Looking For A Window”. This was a bit exciting for me to come across, seeing as how it’s been quite some time since I’ve heard/seen his name–I think the last time that I saw his name somewhere was on a Mike Relm song in ’08 (and before that, it was the Catch As Catch Can Glue album). He’s been gone for a long time, but not forgotten…and I sure am happy to see him back.

#SongChallenge Day 5: A New Meaning With Each Listen

So here we are at day five of the 30 day #songchallenge and we’re still on the sentimental topics. As the title states, today’s song choice is “a song that has new meaning with each listen” and I (Tiffny) personally tend to listen to the same playlist for months on end without ever needing to update because of this very reason. Depending on my mood, current situation or point of view the songs on my playlist always seem to give me a new perspective. Now, I’m tempted to just give you guys a full playlist of my “Chameleon Songs”and I’m sure Tiffology has the urge to do the same,  but we won’t. We’ll just list our favorite at the moment. Check them out below and don’t forget, we wanna hear your song choices too, so follow along each day and tweet, tag or comment below with your challenge answer!

Blueprint – “Senseless”

@printmatic #hiphop

After releasing “Adventures in Counter-Culture” last year, Blueprint will be releasing a new album very soon. On October 16th, we’ll be seeing the album “Deleted Scenes“. Blueprint mentioned that, while putting together his previous album, he had recorded 80+ songs. The songs that didn’t make it, will be released as “Deleted Scenes” (watch the video below, where he talks about it). It will be available via Weightless Recordings, but is currently ready for pre-orders in several different packages.

If you missed the first two singles, “Never Grow Old and “The American Dream“, stream those now. Then, listen to (and download) the third single, “Senseless”. Blueprint gives us solid, relaxed rap-singing vocals, with some gnarly guitar riffs. Check it out.

Album Review: Illus – “Family First”

As you may already know, Illus dropped his newest release, “Family First“, on May 29th. He is also now a father to a very adorable little boy (if you follow Illus on Twitter, you will see some precious pictures). “Family First” is a 12-track album, that features lyrical contributions and production from Ill Bill, Blueprint, J-Live, Phashara, Logic, godAWFUL, Erin Barra, Esoteric, Chuuwee, Headsnack, and Apathy. Cuts and executive production by DJ Johnny Juice. The unique thing about this album is that the artist featured on their respective songs, likely produced it too. The talent on this album is excellent!

If you’re looking for angry, negative music, this album is not for you. If you’re seeking, and appreciate, uplifting, positive music, then this is right in your alley. The title of the album is reflective of the content matter, with the main focal point being structured around family. If someone were to make a Father’s Day compilation next year, for all those proud dads out there, any of these songs could be within that mix.

Without further discussion, read on further for my usual track-by-track review.

Small Professor – “Gigantic, Vol. 1” album

After a couple years of hard work, Philly producer Small Professor finally dropped his 2nd album, “Gigantic, Vol. 1“. It’s complete with 14 tracks that feature some really dope spitters: Von Pea, Buff1, Blueprint, Guilty Simpson, Has-Lo, Random, Reef The Lost Cauze, and others. And, as expected, Small Pro comes at full-force with the heavy production. It’s ill all the way through. The entire LP can be streamed in full at Soundcloud, or below. Don’t sleep!

The Adventures of Blueprint: Ep. 4 – Alcohol

Here's the fourth episode into Blueprint's "The Adventures of Blueprint" video series. "Blueprint opens up and takes the viewer and listener down the road of a performing artist with many...

Blueprint – “Radio-Inactive” video

Incase you weren’t aware, rapper/producer Blueprint has a new album dropping this year. It’s called “Adventures in Counter-Culture“, and it’s set for release April 5th, 2011. Above is the music video for his single, “Radio-Inactive”.

Buy the single and check out two other videos from Blueprint below…