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Meaty Ogre has been mighty active

Producer Meaty Ogre has been incredibly active on Soundcloud in the last week; he has posted a beat (or more) damn near every day, and most, if not all, of them have been throwbacks (such as this “Darn” beat from ’04, and this ’06 “Candle Lit” song that featured Mestizo). Some of the beats were previously unreleased, half-finished, and some are throwbacks that he made for rappers. I’m happy to hear these, so instead of sharing one beat at a time (per post style), I wanted to share several of his latest uploads that I’m enjoying, so give them a listen below and go follow him on Soundcloud to stay in the loop.

Thavius Beck – “Octa Na No”

Thavius Beck dropped a brand new beat yesterday, called “Octa Na No”, that I can’t stop listening to. He brings a romantic, hypnotizing beauty to the energetic drum-driven beat by looping a certain lady’s vocals, and I can’t stop / won’t stop listening to it. Repeat, as necessary. Octa ya yes, you feel me? This is part of a beat-a-day beat challenge that he’s tasked himself with, so after you listen to the this here, go check out his Soundcloud page for a new something-something each day.

Small Professor – “Mixed Jawns IV” album

The last time that I shared a Small Professor project was in 2014, and here we are with 2015 coming to an end… and he has since dropped a handful of projects. Oops. Well, today, he dropped a late Christmas gift for his listeners, so I’m gonna share it now. Mixed Jawns IV is the 15th–YEP, FIFTEENTH–“Jawns” project, and the Philly producer compiles 12 beats where, I believe, he flipped other producer’s samples and also attempted to recreate their styles. He does a pretty damn good job, too, especially with the 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus, Knxwledge, Diamond D, Pete Rock, and DJ Shadow jawns. I was smiling and nodding my head when listening to this project, so give it a listen and then download it for free or name your own price.

Meaty Ogre – “Youresogood”

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new from New York-based producer Meaty Ogre (although, he’s been active on the record label front as co-owner of Cherries Records), so I was pleasantly surprised to see him post a new beat up on Soundcloud last night. Created on the SP-1200, “Youresogood” has 80’s-tinged, sensual RnB vibe to it and I’m diggin’ it. Press play below, and maybe keep your eyes on his Soundcloud page for future goodies.

Thavius Beck – “Rainy Sleepy Fambam”

Los Angeles-based electronic producer, rapper, and all-around musician Thavius Beck has been active on his Soundcloud lately (and as a long-time fan of his music [circa the year Decomposition came out], a smile stretched across my happy face when I saw that he followed me). Last night, he put up a song called “Rainy Sleepy Fambam”, and words cannot describe how much I was feelin’ it! Let me try, though. Quite the opposite occurred from the sleepy title suggestion, because when I first heard it, I became awake and alert–I had to hit that “repeat” button on Soundcloud and try to form some words to post with this awesome song. It’s a chunky, uptempo electronic beat that’s filled out with big horns, clapping drums, distorted noise, fat synth lines, dancing keys, and wonky robotic sounds. It shifts ever so slightly, creating a life of its own and I don’t want it to stop… ever. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Listen now.

Kuna Maze – “Tricky Part” EP

Kuna Maze is a producer from Lyon, France, whose music sits somewhere between electronic, hip hop, and experimental jazz. He released his debut EP, titled Tricky Part, on September 4th via Cascade Records. It’s a 4-track project that plays out like a chill soundtrack to a journey through space, made with head-nodding drums, delicate percussion, funky electronics, and a lot of silky smooth synth lines. While I like the EP as a whole, my favorite tracks are “Time Trial” and “Flip It”. Give the EP a listen below, and download it from Bandcamp for only $3.

CB Question of the Week: Beat stealing

This past week, our question was about beat stealing (not sampling, but straight up taking someone’s beat without permission), and we asked producers to share their thoughts on the subject matter that is frequently seen in the music business. We see it a lot in the hip hop/rap world. Rappers will do it, producers will do it, and labels will do it. For example, we will often see that happening when someone wants to ride a song’s viral wave, so they’ll jump on the same beat and spit their own bars over it; or when someone wants to jump on a beat by a big name producer (ie: J Dilla or DJ Premier), in efforts to get noticed or gain interest; or there’s the moment when someone will take a beat, say their vocal tracks were “produced by [producer of the beat they took without permission]” as if they worked on the song together, and go from there; or there’s the false claims where people will steal beats and say that they produced it, or go about without crediting the producer. Sometimes people sell the music and sometimes they won’t. What’s acceptable and what’s not? Is there a scenario where it’s OK?

Aspect One – “SheDevil”

Los Angeles-based producer Aspect One dropped a brand new beat last night, called “SheDevil”, and it is a lovely listen. This little temptress of a tune has an alluring, hypnotic vibe with heavenly harp strings, swaying synth lines, gentle hi-hat taps, and there’s an easy-going clap rhythm that will keep your shoulders moving and/or head nodding. Relaxing jazzy hip hop that I couldn’t not share, so give it a listen!

Abnormal. – Narcissistic Euphony

| #NewMusic | #instrumentals | @abnormalisdope |

Released on September 7th,  “Narcissistic Euphony” is the latest EP from St Louis,Missouri-based electro producer Abnormal. Born Daniel Sanders, Abnormal. cites this EP as a turning point– inspired by artist like Flying Lotus and J Dilla— he committed himself to producing music he truly enjoyed versus putting out what was expected or what was on trend. What resulted is an EP of sparkling beats that put you in a relaxed, dreamy mood. Listen below.

Album Review: Sterio – “Transmissions” EP

(@jakartarecords #sterio)
Last night, I just wanted to listen to music and zone out. I didn’t want to have to put on my journalist hat and do work (albeit work that I greatly enjoy). I just wanted to listen to music, ok!? However, while listening to Sterio‘s Transmissions EP, I felt compelled to jot down my thoughts and feelings, because something magical was happening. This 5-track EP served as the Cologne-based producer’s debut EP, released back in October 7th, 2014, via Jakarta Records.

Ikabod Bum: Plexi-Bip

 | #NewMusic | @Ikabod_Bum |

Ikabod Bum has a new track out for your audio enjoyment titled Plexi-Bip. This mellow instrumental incorporates a lot of different sound and genre elements from old school kicks and snares to chamber organs. The track is featured on “New World Order,” a joint compilation album by Mexico-based music platforms PIRâ–².MD (Piramd) and Futurable, two entities devoted to promoting and enriching Beat Culture across genres. Listen to Ikabod’s Plexi-Bip below and while you’re at it, make sure to listen/download our EAST x WEST compilation album which features Ikabod on the WEST half.

N.O.M.A.D – “(((( Yawning ))))” album

Yesterday, Fort Worth, Texas-based beat maker N.O.M.A.D (which is an acronym for Navigation of Music and Dreams) dropped his first release on Extra Lovely Records. Titled (((( Yawning )))), the album consist of 13 beats that pull from genres such as experimental electronic, hip hop, psychedelic rock, and jazz. You’ll even find some vocal segments from him on some of the songs. It’s an extra lovely album, indeed. It’s something you can listen to while unwind from the day, acting as the relaxing soundtrack that plays while you vibe out and think about life.

The project is available for digital download ($5), or you can cop it on limited-edition cassette tape for a few dollars extra ($8, with only 40 available). Stream (((( Yawning )))) below, then follow the link for your buying needs.