Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Fever Seoul Competition

Fever Seoul was an online bboy and bgirl competition organized by Seoul City Government to spread a worldwide appreciation for the bboy culture in Seoul. While the competition is over, I still wanted to shed light on it. In September, participants sent in their videos for a chance to battle against Korean bboys Bruce Lee, Pocket, Vero, Skim, Rookie, and Jay Park. After a couple of rounds and call-outs by youtube submissions, they chose the top 6 international finalists to fly out to Seoul to battle against the top 6 Korean breakers. Repping the international top 6 are: Redo (Holland), Atomic Goofball (USA), Yoriyas (Africa), Drama (Italy), Aranha (Brazil), and Victor Kim (USA). So check out submissions and the videos below…


prepixSo, recently I became re-introduced to dance crew Prepix out of S.Korea. If you follow dance crews/bboys then you probably know them already. If not, then stick around. Pretty much I had heard about them back in ’06 when there was a lot of hype surrounding their performances uploaded to Youtube.  They’ve got a really precise style and honestly, I haven’t seen a crew that’s as synchronised as them in a long time. Check out a few of their videos after the jump…tell me they’re not nice, and I’ll call you a liar.

Raging Phoenix Trailer

Raging_PhoenixThe Thai film Raging Phoenix (2010) looks ill-fucking-mazing. I’m totally feeling the blend of BBoying and Martial Arts {it’s a wonder why it’s taken so long to get the two together in a film} It stars Jeeja Yanin and stunt man and Team Tri-X member “Kazu,” aka Patrick Tang. I’m super amped for the release after checking the trailer.