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Equipto & Otayo Dubb – “Yuk The World” video

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From their collaborative Baby Steps album, released mid-last year, California emcees Equipto and Otayo Dubb dropped a music video for the song “Yuk The World”. Produced by Bean One, the song finds the two rapping about ignoring propaganda while acknowledging the real positive contributions, standing up for what’s right, and celebrating life’s good moments, even through adversity and the bad times. “Life’s a struggle, yet I still laugh // Can you feel that?

The video was filmed by Bambu, at a Free Breakfast event put together by the duo, at The Black & Brown Social Club. Watch the video below, and then check the maxi single below, which comes with a Digital Martyrs remix (free downloads on Soundcloud).

Bambu – “Progressive Tax” video

From his Party Worker album that was released late last year, Bay Area emcee Bambu dropped a music video for his Frank Grimes-produced song “Progressive Tax”. Directed by Anthony Ignacio and edited by Chris Miyasaki, we see Bambu acting as a preacher, speaking out to the people, as he spits a political message about corporations that rely on big money to exist, the system ultimately setting people up to fail, and how it’s up to the people to be better and create change. Watch the video below.

Da Hermit – “Lighters” (ft Bambu & Dem One)

Back in October, California producer/DJ Da Hermit released a song called “Lighters”, which featured emcees Bambu and Dem One on the mics. Led by head-nodding, upbeat percussion and a melancholy guitar loop, they deliver a powerful message about getting sick of being force-fed false claims and half-truths, and going on a mission to finding your own truths and being your own torch in the darkness. Love the chanting and sing-along chorus, too. Read what Da Hermit had to say about the song below, and then listen to the song.

J.Lately – “Can’t Go For That” (ft Von Pea & Bambu)

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“Can’t Go For That” is the first single from J.Lately‘s forthcoming album, titled Let’s Just Be Friends. Over Oops‘ head-nodding, spunky beat, J.Lately, Von Pea, and Bambu talk about the things that they see happening and are against. For example, J.Lately isn’t down with those who are disrespectful towards women who won’t send them nudes, those that share too much about their relationship issues on social media, and petty people; Von Pea can’t stand being around miserable people and those that fight over dumb stuff; and Bambu isn’t cool with ignorant people, phony rappers, and those that overstay their welcome. Listen to the song below, then go download it for free over at Soundcloud.

Olmeca – “Can’t Sleep” (ft Bambu) video

From Olmeca‘s Brown Is Beautiful album, released last year, watch the music video for the emcee’s song “Can’t Sleep,” featuring Bambu. The social commentary of fighting against inequality, injustice, and corruption is met with equally powerful visuals, directed by Olmeca, that finds a young woman wandering the streets days before the new year, constantly running into people who have been racially profiled, sexually objectified, brutalized by police, and so on. They unite together on New Year’s night, taking action to the streets outside of any city hall. The video is a nod to the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, where they woke up their fellow people on New Year’s Day, 1994. Watch now, and check out the album if you haven’t.

The Bar: #Barkada (Album)

The Bar (Prometheus Brown and Bambu) have released their album #Barkada on March 11th, 2014 and it’s fucking dope. The album features the signature bass-heavy soul-stirring beats BeatrockMusic artists are known for rocking on. Bambu and Prometheus Brown  bring their lyrics to life as they rap about real-life, from having a crush on their mother’s friends on “Auntie”  and sending love to “Manny” to their intense love for their hood on”Locals Only Remix” and “Barkada,” this album is so intensely dope. Check it out below.


Beatrock Music's Prometheus Brown and Bambu have teamed up once again for their forthcoming album Barkada, out March 11, 2014. The first single from the album is COMING (TO AMERICA) , produced...

Bambu – “My Potnas” & “Last Year”

Got word that Bambu is working on a new project. Titled Son of a Gun, it’s expected to drop on August 23rd so keep your eyes peeled. There are two tracks to be heard right now. First, “My Potnas” features a slow burning beat by Rey Resurreccion with DJ Cutso on the cuts. Second,”Last Year” features D-Styles. Bam delivers that signature west coast lyrical heat while celebrating the good life and speaking on the corrupt system. “Classic west coast shit with a militant touch.” Summer bangers here, so take a listen and download for free.

Bambu – “Lean” video

Due to all the hard work we’ve been putting in for our most recent magazine issue, which was released on the 19th, I haven’t been able to check out much music. So, here I am playing catch up with some tunes and videos that I feel need to be seen. Better late than never, my friends.

Bambu has been one of my favorite emcees since his I Scream Bars For The Children album, released in 2007 (it was a pleasure to interview him on the site in 2010, too). Then, during October, 2012, he dropped his fourth and final solo album, One Rifle Per Family, which was featured in our first issue, in my spread of favorite albums of 2012.