Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.


Tiffology’s Art: E&J

(@plagueround @dagsav)
In April or May of last year, I had finally gotten around to listening to the Dag Savage debut album (a full year after its release), titled E&J. I knew that I was going to love this album when I heard the second track, called “For Old Time’s Sake”. Johaz comes in with a fearless attitude, raw honesty, and even some vulnerability on this song, because he digs deep to share personal history–the good and the bad–with his listeners, in efforts to let us into his world and what’s shaped him into who he is today. He highlights life events in chronological order, by sharing stories about getting jumped, being molested, having sex for the first time, family problems, getting arrested, getting no love in his city, being a father, and more. I love when a musician, or anyone really, has the strength to go beyond the surface level of their life in their life’s work. Not to mention, this is the first song on the album (I was playing it in order, of course) where I was just wholly captivated by his vivid storytelling and lyricism. So fresh; I was a fan instantly. Exile‘s production is hot, too, of course; dusty, head-nodding drums, chunky brass bits, a bold piano taking the lead, cuts in all the right places… there is no wrong with this one. If I were rating this song, it’d get a 10/10.

Tiffology’s Art: So Dam-FunKy

(@plagueround @damfunk)
Hey, everyone. Not too long ago, Tiffny and I have decided that we are not only going to write about you/musicians/other artists/etc on here (and sharing things that we think are awesome), but we are also going to be sharing things that personally involve us and own endeavors as well. At least, we are going to try to do that a little more often. For example, we each have our own categories under Art (Tiffny’s Art and Tiffology’s Art), where we will be showcasing our digital art and such (oh what, you didn’t know we get down on the artistic front, too?!). We will likely be adding more categories and cool things that pertain to the two/each of us as time progresses (Tiffny’s photography, perhaps), but just thought I’d give you a little heads up since I didn’t really mention that when I shared my Brown Bag AllStars vector series with you awhile back.

CB Question of the Week: Fear

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CB Question of the Week: Is imitation flattery?

We’re all familiar with the saying “Imitation is the highest form of flattery,” but is that really so? Sure, as kids we learn by imitating those around us but now, as adults, is it acceptable — especially in the world of Art? That was our question this week, and we invited all to drop their two cents on the topic. For the most part, everyone who gave their point of view could see how it could be beneficial but agreed that there is a limit. Keep reading to see what they said.

CB Question of the Week: What drives you to create?

This post is for the second question in our Q&A series, called Question of the Week. As you may already know, we will be posting a single question to our social media sites every Sunday, inviting anyone who wants to answer and/or share their experiences. If you missed our first question and the responses we shared, check that out right here (feel free to answer the question in the comments, if you missed it and want to join in).

This Q&A series is our way of getting in touch with creative people worldwide–we want to open the conversation to anyone who wants to join in, not just to those that we already know and have written about on our website. We want to get a glimpse into your life and who you are, while also aiming to inspire and uplift other people who might be able to relate and/or absorb what others are saying.

CB Question of the Week: What have you had to sacrifice?

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Ironlak Strikers – CHEO

(#CHEO #ironlak)
In efforts to help promote the Ironlak Strikers Tri-Grip Twin Markers, British artist CHEO is featured in this time-lapse art video. Muppet-like CHEO gets lost in a daydream, where he sees himself, banging out an awesome, colorful illustration of two pen-wielding, tough-looking sharks. It’s fun and inspiring to watch a talented artist get busy and create really cool art, so check it out below, if you haven’t already seen it.

Tiffology’s Art: Brown Bag AllStars vector series

As a fan of the individual artists within the Brown Bag AllStars hip hop crew, I wanted to express my love for their music by doing vectors of each of them. Over the course of a few weeks, and after gathering reference photos of the guys, I unveiled each finished piece, via my social sites, as they were completed. I decided that I should post it here, too. I had fun creating these, and I’m really happy with the final pieces. Check them out below, if you haven’t already seen them!

CrayonBeats Random Giveaway Winners/Prizes

We recently had the whim to give away a bunch of stickers and some artwork to a few of  our readers and followers on our different social media profiles. The giveaway was totally unplanned and in order to win, you just had to comment or tell us you wanted some stickers! Now that we’ve finished the artwork and mailed off the stickers, I thought it would be cool to show you guys the artwork of our winners from each network. Each winner got a pack of CRAYONBEATS stickers and two pieces of digital art from both Tiffology and myself. Check out the artwork below!

“The Deepest Depths of the Burrow” Documentary

NYCHOS (@nychos) is an Australian graffiti artist and illustrator that became known with his clever street concept Rabbit Eye Movement (REM) 10 years ago, in which the icon of a white rabbit popped up in the streets worldwide. I got familiar with his work back in 2013, when I stumbled across his unique art that depicted the layers of animals, separating the layers of skin, organs, and bones to showcase their anatomy. They are so awesome, and a visual treat to look at. Since then, I’ve been following his work and haven’t looked back. That brings me to this documentary.

Orlando Arocena: Star Wars – Hip Hop vector tribute

If you know me, you know that I’m a Star Wars fan (thanks to my dad). You can bet that I’m wearing a bunch of Star Wars gear today and channeling my inner Jedi, with a big smiling grin on my face. That said, I happily celebrate and recognize this day as May The Fourth Be With You! So does illustrator Orlando Arocena–whom I interviewed in CrayonBeats Magazine: Issue 06 (beginning on page 73)–and you can see that in his latest project, “STAR WARS – HIP HOP vector tribute“.

New York-born, Connecticut-based artist combines his love for Star Wars and golden era hip hop, through 10 incredibly dope pieces. You’ll see inspirations of Public Enemy, Run DMC, Eric B. & Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, and Notorious B.I.G., mashed with easily recognizable Star Wars characters and galaxy scenes. This is the first batch in this series, and he promises more to come. Check this one out now, and prepare to be amazed!


Jihae (@JIHAE_music) (pronounced “jee-heh”) is a South Korean-born, alternative rock singer-songwriter, composer, and artist, that’s currently based in New York City. Her music’s main focus is on people’s awareness, or lack of, and how that contributes to the great social, environmental, and cultural divide that defines our time. “The nature of our social psychology encourages us to thrive on multi-layered illusions that lead us to deny simple facts in favor of curving logic, and this is a central theme of each of my projects,” says Jihae, in her site’s biography.

She is a creative force beyond belief, and that’s recognized in all her endeavors. She makes music, does multimedia art, is/has been involved with multiple charities and has one of her own, and she has a label called Septem, that serves as a community for artists, and it’s also dedicated to music for license and social cause-based projects. Before I get into her music, let me talk about some of her other stuff first.