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Zerolex – “Twofold” EP

The last time that I wrote about French producer Zerolex was over a year ago, when he released an EP with Holy Two. Since then, he has dropped the Volutes EP with his Cotton Claw producer collective, and has released his second solo EP, titled Twofold, which is also the most recent. Composed of two new songs, and a dazzling remix by Nikitch, we hear Zerolex exploring a more evolved electronic path, where he has constructed futuristic-type beats that are ultra rich in synth textures, percussion samples, underlying jazzy tones, and melodic movement. I like them both a lot, as well as the remix. Watch the animated music video for the title track, done by Dylan Cote-Colisson and Pierre Lafanechère, and then stream the EP. Then, purchase for $2 via Parisian label Cascade Records.

Hoosier Apex – “Breakfast of Champions” EP

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So, check it: emcee Id Obelus (whom I’ve written about on CB before, but haven’t caught up with him in a very long time), emcee Richard Cook, emcee Branimal, and producer Ace Ha have separately been creating hip hop music that spans across the last four decades. They have also been frequent collaborators with one another, which you can audibly witness over at the Wormusic Bandcamp page. They’ve never teamed up all at once, just two or three at a time… until now. All four of these Indiana natives joined to make music under the name Hoosier Apex, and they just released their debut project on February 2nd. Paying homage to Kurt Vonnegut’s novel of the same name, Breakfast of Champions is a 4-song EP that acts as an introduction to what the group has to offer.

San + Hanzo Reiza: Tenchu (天誅)

Here’s some new sounds from London emcee Hanzo Reiza and Kingdom of Lesotho producer and instrumentalist San. Titled Tenchu in homage to the old ninja code (and video game), the collaboration features ten tracks of rhythm and rhyme from the pair, rough around the edges purposefully so to call to mind “an old katana blade.”  Listen and download below:

Sángo – “Mais Mais Mais” EP

Seattle-based producer Sángo dropped a 3-track project today, called Mais Mais Mais (translated to “more more more”), that coincides with his DR3 Tour that’s happening throughout Brazil and Europe, beginning on January 20th. The project contains 2 original songs and one remix of Bryson Tiller‘s “Don’t”, all of which find him diving deeper into his Brazilian favela influences that have been a part of his sound for several years. Listen to the project below, and then download “Infinidade” and “F.L.O.R” for free via Soundcloud. These are some feel-good, baile funk-influenced smooth electronic grooves that you shouldn’t pass up (for real, they made me feel alive and free, while moving my body to the rhythm); such a great energy and feel-good vibe. Check it out. Also, if you missed it, go get his Da Rocinha 3 LP.

Von Poe VII & Papa J. Ruiz – “5 Tracks and the Intro” EP

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On January 2nd, California emcee Von Poe VII and Colorado emcee strong>Papa J. Ruiz released a highly-anticipated collaborative EP, titled 5 Tracks and the Intro. The 6-track project came as a surprise to their fans, because two didn’t tell anyone that they were working on something, nor did they even lead us on that it was being released, until the day of its arrival. They even dodged the questions in a 3-part interview that dropped 3 days prior 1, 2, and 3).

Joogy Music – “Out of the Box” album

On November 27th, Colorado-based producer Joogy Music released a 12-track project, called Out of the Box. It’s a compilation that showcases his production credentials through a variety of songs that he produced for numerous rappers, including fellow Organized Threat artists Papa J. Ruiz (see “Pains of Love” video) and Von Poe VII, as well as Papi Dollaz (watch “Hands Up Can’t Breathe” video), Simlah Henry, Ramond, and others. His production styles range from experimental hip hop to trap (if you want to hear more of his beats, check out Samples of Fire). Half of the songs on this album, though, is music that I don’t personally enjoy, but the other half of it is music that I do. Either way, see what you think by listening to the album below, then download for free or name your price, if you’re feelin’ it.

Small Professor – “Mixed Jawns IV” album

The last time that I shared a Small Professor project was in 2014, and here we are with 2015 coming to an end… and he has since dropped a handful of projects. Oops. Well, today, he dropped a late Christmas gift for his listeners, so I’m gonna share it now. Mixed Jawns IV is the 15th–YEP, FIFTEENTH–“Jawns” project, and the Philly producer compiles 12 beats where, I believe, he flipped other producer’s samples and also attempted to recreate their styles. He does a pretty damn good job, too, especially with the 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus, Knxwledge, Diamond D, Pete Rock, and DJ Shadow jawns. I was smiling and nodding my head when listening to this project, so give it a listen and then download it for free or name your own price.

Album Review: Jean Grae – “iSweatergawd” EP

Being that the year is almost over, I wanted to get in some stuff that I haven’t been able to/haven’t had time to write about… until now! Here we go. Since I wrote about Jean Grae‘s SAIX EP, which came out at the same time as this project (in June!), I gotta write about this one. iSweatergawd is a 6-track album that was produced entirely by Quelle Chris and, after releasing a few cool R&B projects, we hear Jeannie spitting raps on the mic again!

Bely Basarte – “Acoustic Christmas” EP

In celebration of her mid-December birthday, and with Christmas on the way, Spanish singer-songwriter Bely Basarte released a compilation album, called Acoustic Christmas. It’s a 5-track project that finds her with an acoustic guitar, covering 5 classic Christmas carols: “White Christmas”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and “Let It Snow”. I found her by doing a random Christmas-based search on Youtube, and I was captivated by her sweet and tender pop vocals over an acoustic guitar (that she plays), and she charming was to watch. So, get in the Christmas spirit (if that’s your thing), and watch her perform each carol below, and then buy the EP if you’re digging it.

Chic Gamine – “Christmas Vol. 1” EP

Last year, Canadian soul-pop band Chic Gamine released their first holiday-themed EP, called Christmas Vol. I. I didn’t know about it last year, so I’m posting it today. It’s a 5-track project that includes songs like: “Throw Another Log (On The Fire)”, a mellow pop song that’s about spending Christmas with people you love, complete with country-tinged guitars and drums, and tender back-up vocals; “Noel (au coin de Portage et Main) “, a sweet-sounding song that’s driven by marching drums, a little quirky synth line, and a groovy guitar bit; a soulful and melancholy cover song about unrequited love around the holidays, called “Last Christmas”; and a couple others. This EP is more easy-going pop and tender soul, stripped of the rock-influence that I was kind of used to hearing in their music; however, that said, it’s particularly fitting for the season. Give it a listen below, and download for $4.95 over on Bandcamp.

Album Review: Jesse O’Neill – “Talkin’ Paradox Blues”

Jesse O’Neill is a New York-based acoustic blues/folk singer-songwriter and guitarist. The very first time that I saw Jesse O’Neill’s name was in Corina Corina‘s first album, The Eargasm, when he played guitar on her song “Dear Amy”. Then, I heard and reviewed the Max Caddy album (a collaborative project between Jesse and Corina Corina), which I loved and still find myself listening to every now-and-then.