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Album Review: Jean Grae – “iSweatergawd” EP

Being that the year is almost over, I wanted to get in some stuff that I haven’t been able to/haven’t had time to write about… until now! Here we go. Since I wrote about Jean Grae‘s SAIX EP, which came out at the same time as this project (in June!), I gotta write about this one. iSweatergawd is a 6-track album that was produced entirely by Quelle Chris and, after releasing a few cool R&B projects, we hear Jeannie spitting raps on the mic again!

Album Review: Jesse O’Neill – “Talkin’ Paradox Blues”

Jesse O’Neill is a New York-based acoustic blues/folk singer-songwriter and guitarist. The very first time that I saw Jesse O’Neill’s name was in Corina Corina‘s first album, The Eargasm, when he played guitar on her song “Dear Amy”. Then, I heard and reviewed the Max Caddy album (a collaborative project between Jesse and Corina Corina), which I loved and still find myself listening to every now-and-then.

Album Review: Ly Moula – “Avant Savant”

Somewhat similar to Finkle is Einhorn, producer Lyle Horowitz is rapper Ly Moula. Except, you know, he’s all man. We heard him channeling his inner rapper as Ly Moula as early as 2013, when he released the Blahze Misfits album As Fate Would Have It. We heard him rapping again on the second Blahze Misfits album that caught a lot of flack for its name, and also on my second installment of The Monsters Are Due On CrayonBeats compilation, released in 2014. However, this year is when Ly Moula decided to release his official debut album.

Album Review: Sterio – “Transmissions” EP

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Last night, I just wanted to listen to music and zone out. I didn’t want to have to put on my journalist hat and do work (albeit work that I greatly enjoy). I just wanted to listen to music, ok!? However, while listening to Sterio‘s Transmissions EP, I felt compelled to jot down my thoughts and feelings, because something magical was happening. This 5-track EP served as the Cologne-based producer’s debut EP, released back in October 7th, 2014, via Jakarta Records.

Album Review: Kap Kallous – “DECEMBER”

Since releasing his Grandeur album (which I reviewed), the Orlando-native, Los Angeles-based emcee Kap Kallous has been working hard on the next project. One year later, on June 22nd, he released DECEMBER. While he collected beats from some familiar collaborators (such as David Grants, Optiks, ALXNDRBRWN, Klutch, and others), the lyrical content takes a different path than his previous works. Self-proclaimed as his most personal album to date, this 13-track album (14, if you include the bonus track “Pine Box“) finds him shedding all concepts, to share and expose his history, dark thoughts, and a lot of deeply-rooted feelings. It’s unexpected, yet unexpectedly amazing to sit back and get a glimpse at this other side of Kap Kallous.

There are a handful of vocal features from Dude Tunes (which you’ve heard them together on “Paper Cuts“, from the last album), Martin Salazar, Lia Mack, and Jade Lawhon, as well as Wrekonize and Luckyiam on the bonus cut. As usual, I spent a lot of time listening to this album, both as a fan and a reviewer, to fully digest it and interpret each song in length. Keep reading, if you’re interested. Otherwise, check the rating, click the reader rating bar to leave your own, and then scroll to the bottom to find the Bandcamp player and purchase links.

Album Review: DíSA – “Sculpture” EP

Even though Copenhagen-based pop artist DíSA released her debut EP, Sculpture, in March, I only began listening to it a couple of days ago. I am captivated by her commanding presence over the atmospheric, easy-listening electronic beats (produced by Anders Bach); her ethereal, sometimes haunting, vocals; and the lyrics, because the songs are either a familiar thought/feeling that I have had, or they’re really easy to sit back and take in…much like a roller coaster ride, with its ups and downs. This 5-track EP has a mixture of high and low feelings, and it’s an enjoyable, enchanting listen.

Album Review: MC Bravado – “Walk The Line”

I haven’t covered MC Bravado since the Dope Perspective EP that he dropped in 2012, with C-Nature, so I’m glad to come across somewhat new EP of his. Released on October 13th, 2014, Walk The Line is a conceptual project that finds him weaving between Johnny Cash’s own experiences, outlooks, and familiar soundscapes to create those of his own. There are 5 tracks, with features from SC Static, No-Name, Josh Mitchell, Aaron Michael Chamberlain, Anthony Vincent (of Ten Second Songs on Youtube), Fonte Cruise, Soul Khan, and C-Nature.

Album Review: MOMENT- “MOMENTS”

For the past few months, I’ve been basically fangirling over music from MOMENT (@MOMENT_SWAG_CAT), in particular his 2-part mixtape Season of Letters/Season of Bullet. I’ve blogged about him in the past, sure, but recently he’s really been one of my Most Played artists. When presented with the opportunity to review his new album, MOMENTS, I knew that I would be in for a good listen. Now being that I already had his mixtape in heavy rotation, I wanted to listen to the album without bias as much as possible. I listened with as much objectivity as I could because I didn’t want to mislead you guys and because I wanted the review to be as honest as possible. I’ve already mentioned many-a-time though that I was enjoying it as a whole, but here’s a breakdown of the album track by track and my thoughts.