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Ta-Ku – “Love Again” (ft JMSN & Sango)

Although Ta-Ku‘s “Love Again” dropped sometime in April, I heard this song exactly 1 month ago today. I had a lot on my mind at the time, so when I heard this song (it was late at night and I was browsing Soundcloud on my phone), I was caught off guard by its beauty and by the emotion. I turned the volume up, hit the “repeat” button to listen to it continuously, and I was all up in my feelings for the rest of the night. I’ve listened to it a lot since then, too, and it’s one of those songs that you can’t hear just once.

It starts out with a beautiful piano composition that’s deep, warm and melancholic, and R&B singer-songwriter JMSN comes through, singing heartfelt lyrics that really struck a chord with me. The piano is the main character in the beat, but it slowly builds with steady clapping, an occasional snare, and the lovely sound of a violin. “Love Again” is an open apology about putting in the time and effort to fix a shattered relationship. The lyrics are on the brink of desperation, pushed by the fear of losing someone you truly love after a mistake has been made. JMSN’s voice is stunning, the lyrics will grab a hold of you, and the vocal layering and soulful harmonizing add a lot of depth. I can’t listen to this song without singing along and feeling something emotionally. This song also features additional production from Sango, whom, I think, slides in at the end with the brief beat change.

“Love Again” is on Ta-Ku‘s Songs To Make Up To album, released on June 12th, 2015. Listen to this stand-out song below, because you’re going to love it… again, and again, and again.

Written By: Tiffany B.

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