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SOUNDCHECK: Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson (@jackievenson) started her career as a classically trained pianist, which soon blossomed into her current status as a singer, songwriter and guitarist with many facets to her craft. Seamlessly moving through every genre from Blues and Jazz to R&B and Reggae, Jackie’s music has something for every ear.  After spending a large portion of her musical life on the piano, she recently switched to the guitar, learning to play the instrument from scratch and from that study came her bluesy EP,  Rollin’ On. The EP is simply amazing and it’s only a matter of time before she catches the ears of the population at large. Her discography also boasts two more doses of soulful ear candy — The Unreleased EP and the live collection Truth In Music-Season 2. Her latest release is titled NOW, from her debut album The Light In Me.


Who: Jackie Venson
What: Singer-Songwriter, Musician
Representing: Austin, Texas (USA)
Genre: Blues, Soul, Reggae
Latest Release: Now from her album The Light In Me (2014)
Links: Official | Facebook | Twitter




Written By: Tiffny

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