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GeeSoporia (@GeeSoropia) is a producer and lyricist from Mississauga/Toronto, Canada who specializes in ambient beats and chill vibes. He studied his craft at Toronto’s Seneca College and was a featured artist at Weekly Beat Sessions on their “one sample | multiple producers | multiple beats” project from 2010 through the end of 2013. His first release, The Aesthetics EP, was released in June of 2011 via Bandcamp and since, he’s dropped four more collections with the latest being Days of Future Past (2013).


WHO: GeeSoropia

WHAT: Producer, Lyricist

REPRESENTING: Toronto, Canada

GENRE: Hip-Hop, Intstrumental, Beats

LATEST RELEASE: Days of Future Past (2013)

LINKS: Tumblr | Twitter | Bandcamp


Written By: Tiffny

Tiffny: NOUN, FORMAL. /ˈtɪfnɪ/ .PLURAL: -nys Definition: Creative, artistic and headstrong woman. Often found blogging, crafting, or shopping. She loves music, fashion, hair and makeup. Spreader of love, and has no time for bullshit. Believer of Karma.