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It was only recently that I became familiar with the name Botzy (@BuckFotzy). When I wrote about Jellyfish Brigade and their latest album, Botzy RT’d and/or favorite those posts due to his involvement with the Minneapolis-based project Polkadot Mayhem, whom are responsible for creating an awesome interactive map with Jellyfish Brigade. Not long after that, a follow came along, and so did an email. And here I am today. I didn’t know then, but I do now.

Adam Botsford, known as Botzy, is a rapper based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is/was in a couple of groups, including being 1/2 of the hip hop band VAYNS and is a former member of a 6-piece alternative hip hop live band called Culture Cry Wolf. Regarding his solo material, he has 1 mixtape (My Friends and I in 2011), 2 albums (Deaf to the Static in 2010 and Buck Fotzy in 2013), and 2 EPs (Botzy’s Birthday in 2012 and Past Tense in 2013) under his belt. I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t heard his Buck Fotzy album sooner than now, considering it released via Fake Four Inc–one of my favorite independent labels.


[divider]Buck Fotzy[/divider]

Listening to the Buck Fotzy album today has really introduced me to the kind of artist he is. His well-crafted lyrics are steeped in honesty, and he isn’t afraid of exposing his vulnerability. While he writes from a genuine place, giving us that introspective perspective that we all love, he also is clever with his humor and can make fun songs, which makes Botzy all the more likeable. His smooth flow and voice sounds good over the boom bap beats that are heavily laced with snazzy jazz samples (horns galore!), which was produced by Kudo, Ackronem, and DJ Absolute. Just like the uptempo rhythms here, Botzy’s lyrical content finds him remaining positive and finding the silver-lining the ups and downs in love, relationships, every day life, and music. Guest appearances came Justyn Dow, Lizzo, Freez, Sophia Eris, and Chantz Erolin. I really liked that album, so if you’re new to him… I recommend checking that out.


[divider]What’s next?[/divider]

Botzy let me know that that he has a full-length album on the horizon and he’s hoping for a Fall release. To build up for this forthcoming 20-track album, titled Still Not Dead Yet, he has been randomly dropping tracks on Soundcloud. Below, you can find a few tracks that he’s released over the course of the last two months. This includes: “Neon Lights” (ft Jeremy Nutzman), “Waiting For A Moment” (Beasthead remix), “Flameburger”, and “Dunce Cap” (find the video for that afterwards, too). I especially enjoy hearing him over more versatile beats (than the jazzy boom bap styles as heard in the album below) such as the fun, electronic, video game-inspired beats on the last two, where he adapts his flow to the energetic rhythm. So dope! Stay tuned to his Soundcloud for more, and look out for his new album! I’ll try to keep you all updated, too.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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