Two Tiffanys celebrating what they love by giving it a stage and using their voices to spread the word.



I clicked play on a song by Black Honey today, called “Corrine”, and about 20 seconds in, they had me as an intrigued fan. I clicked “like” and “repost” on Soundcloud, and began my who-are-they search, so I could share them with you! Having formed in mid-2014, Black Honey is an, indie rock band from Brighton, UK, that’s led by front-woman Izzy Bee Phillips, along with 3 cool dudes rocking out on the instruments, named Christ Ostler, Tommy Taylor, and Tom Dewhurst.

After reading this DIY article, I found out that the band chose to stay a mystery for a little while, by not disclosing any information about who they are, until around the time when they dropped a debut EP last year. The self-titled EP was compiled of 4 demo tracks that seemingly shot them into the light (go listen to them on their Soundcloud), and now we know a little bit more about them.

Over the course of this year, they’ve released a handful of new songs, one of which is the one I heard today and will be sharing with you right now. “Corrine” pulled me in almost instantly with its refreshing 50’s-style charm. The verses remind me of vintage rock & roll, with classic, almost tropical-sounding guitar chords, swaying percussion, bits of the guys’ back-up harmonizing vocals throughout, and Izzy’s candy pop vocals singing about, as she described, “a complicated and romantic friendship, honoring regret and nostalgia in equal measure.” The melodic chorus picks up the energy with 90’s rock flare, and it’s just so, so good, and fun. This single will be available via the band’s label, Foxfive Records, on October 23rd. Until then, though, give it a listen and become a fan of their music!

Two other songs that they’ve released this year are “Madonna” and “Spinning Wheel”, and you need to hear them. “Madonna” is driven by 60’s-style garage psych melodies with head-nodding drums, crashing grunge guitars, and Izzy’s vocals that soar in the chorus and fall into a mellow tone in the verses. Girl, yessss! I’ve played this song many times, on repeat, very loudly. It’s the only way.

The whole 56-second intro of “Spinning Wheel” reminds me of Nancy Sinatra and then, like a wave crashing into rocks, it becomes an intense, high-energy surf rock song that could easily fit right into the soundtrack of a crime film. It’s a song about loving being in love, and knowing the risks of pursuing any romance. Her high-pitched screams are magnificent, too! Ahh, I love it!

After hearing those three songs, you’re a fan now, huh? Yeah, I bet! They make 13 stops on their UK Fall Tour, so if you’re in any of the places listed below, make sure you see them perform. I imagine it’s a killer show!

[divider]UK FALL TOUR DATES[/divider]
10/03 – Southsea – Dials Festival
10/08 – Bristol – Start the Bus
10/09 – Norwich – Norwich Sound & Vision Festival
10/10 – Middlesbrough – Twisterella Festival
10/11 – Glasgow – Broadcast
10/13 – Manchester – Soup Kitchen
10/14 – Liverpool – Studio 2
10/15 – Leeds – Headrow House
10/17 – Dartford – Bar Mondo
10/18 – Birmingham – The Sunflower Lounge
10/19 – Leicester – The Cookie
10/20 – London – Sebright Arms
11/05 – Brighton – The Hope & Ruin


Written By: Tiffany B.

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