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Betty what? It’s Betty Who! (@bettywhomusic) I got put onto this beauty today, when I saw the music video for her 80’s-esque electro-pop single, “Somebody Loves You“. It finds her singing the love-fueled, fun single at in a dance studio and an 80’s dance party, complete with side ponytails, legwarmers, sequined jackets, Flashdance-like movies, and corded phones. Also, you probably already know the song if you watched that Home Debot Wedding Proposal (see here) that went viral on YouTube last year.

Betty Who is an Australian-born, pop singer-songwriter that’s currently based in New York City. She pulls you in with bold, synthpop beats, catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head, bright vocals, and a vibrant energy. In April of last year, she initially released her debut EP, titled The Movement, independently for free. After she signed with RCA Records, it was re-released on September 17th, 2013. “Somebody Loves You” can be found on that EP, by the way.

On April 8th, 2014, she released her second EP, titled Slow Dancing. In her first single “Heartbreak Dream,” she turns heartache from a failing relationship upside down with a super cool, smile-inducing pop jam that encourages you to let go and just dance. It also received video treatment by Kenny Laubbacher. Equipped with a rad gold jacket, a backing band, and a stage to jump on, she sings the tune to her adoring fans. In between all that, we also see pieces of footage from tours, performances, and behind-the-scenes adventures. “Somebody To Love You” and “Heartbreak Dream” are my two favorite songs by her.

Side Note: For her UK fans… On June 1st, 2014, she released a third EP, titled Worlds Apart. It doesn’t feature any new songs, it only brings together 4 songs taken from her previous projects. You’ll find “High Society”, “You’re In Love”, and “Right Here” from The Movement, and “Heartbreak Dream” from Slow Dancing.

Below you can watch the two previously mentioned music videos, stream both EPs, and find the links to her music on iTunes. You’ll also find a free, 4-song download from NoiseTrade. On the NoiseTrade offering, you’ll find “Somebody Loves You” in the acoustic version and as a Starsmith Remix, there’s a MS MR remix of “Heartbreak Dream” and there’s a EPISODE remix of “Loving Start”.

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Written By: Tiffany B.

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