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Sound Check – Mike Relm

Name: Mike Relm
Location: San Francisco, California
Specialty: DJ / VJ
Age: 30

Weapon(s) of choice: Turntables – Pioneer DVJ1000, samplers, controllers, video equipment, and projectors.
Label: Radio Fried Records
Where he began: In the late 1990s, Relm placed second in the world finals of the International Turntablist Federation USA competition. He eventually earned a spot in Doug Pray’s Scratch, and toured with Money Mark, Gift of Gab, Del, Jurassic 5, Mike Patton, and the Blue Man Group.

Here is the tracklist for “Spectacle“:

1. Money beats
2. Tron [MPfree]
3. Everytime (ft Del The Funky Homosapien & Adrian Hartley) [MPfree]
4. Hey Drew
5. Hot to trot (ft Alfredo Ortiz) [MPfree]
6. Trying to get attention
7. Body Rock (ft Morningwood & Gift Of Gab) [MPfree]
8. The Cube
9. Red shoes
10. Vertiglo (interlude)
11. Without her (ft Lateef the Truthspeaker)
12. Velvet
13. You break (ft Mr. Lif & Adrian Hartley) [Youtube Video]
14. Crackin
15. Quickie
16. Technicism
17. My heart (ft Adeem & Adrian Hartley)
18. Learning Experience

Mike Relm put out a DVD, on Radio Fried Films, named “Clown Alley”. Here is a short description of it:

Clown Alley is an action packed adventure which takes place in a world not unlike ours (it actually looks a lot like San Francisco). I happen to be mankind’s last hope as I protect the briefcase which holds the key to survival…and you’ll see it all in glorious anamorphic 3D!!!

Not only that, but my live show is documented here using a multitude of live feeds in arenas, festivals, and the occasional theater.

There are also lessons in self-defense and my interview with Larry King!

This is one thing you can count on come April 1. And yes, it will include 3D glasses.

He did a live set where he played John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I love that song. In an interview with Format Magazine, it was said…

Format: And that particular song is apolitical. It’s actually against politics.
Mike Relm: Totally. It’s against a lot of things. It’s all about peace and love. The reason why I put the words on the screen is because people know that song. You can sing along to it with your eyes closed. But when you read the words you can really see where it is going. It does so much more at least for me. It’s very important for an artist to put that type of idea out there. You can’t just go up there and have a dance party and sweat and go home. I want people to do several things during my show. First I want them to laugh. I like to make people laugh more than I like to make people scream. I get much more satisfaction because it is harder to get. Secondly, people have to think a little bit. I don’t want people to come out to my show and think that it is going to be a mindless free for all because I like hanging around with smart people. So I keep that in mind while I’m crafting my sets. Once I get your attention I could put up anything I want.

WWW: Website & Myspace

1. He completed remixes for Adult Swim in conjunction with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie.
2. Scored a short film for the Disney Channel series “Too Many Robots”.
3. Created a four-song mega mix for “Yo Gabba Gabba” on Nickelodeon.

VISUALS: The first single, “Everytime You Break My Heart”, which is broken up into three different versions (as are the titles), each with a different artist paired with Adrian Hartley on the chorus.


DJ Mike Relm Youtube Live & Coachella: “O”-face mix

Written By: Tiffany B.

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