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#SongChallenge Day 14: A Song You Like Hearing Live

FIRST, let us apologize for missing a few days in the #SongChallenge. Instead of piling the days we’ve missed into one or two posts, we’ll just pick up where we left off and today is A Song You Like Hearing Live. What’s great about live performances is sometimes an artist presents a song differently than what you might hear on the studio album; sometimes the imperfections and mess-ups make it better; sometimes the emotion that gets left up on stage is something that can’t be replicated in a booth, in the final song; sometimes the big sound of the beat and instruments pound harder in your chest, and that organic feeling is beautiful; and sometimes the live version is ten-times better than the original. Is there a song that you love hearing live? Let’s talk about it. Read about one of our favorites below.

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Tiffology: In 2010, I remember stumbling upon Yeasayer’s 2008 performance of “Wait For The Summer” on The Current (a place where I find myself getting introduced to a lot of great bands), and being totally blown away by the live performance and the weight of the song itself (which is about death of some sort–accidental murder and/or contemplating suicide; or, perhaps, it’s a metaphor for an abusive relationship). Love the psychedelic rock with Middle-Eastern influences, too. I watched that video several times that day; over, and over, and over again, until I knew the lyrics. Now, I hadn’t heard of this band before, so this was the very first song that got me into them, and what a way to grab me as a new fan… completely fascinated! The original song is nice, sure, but I LOOOOOOVE the live version. Between the vocals, the rises and falls, and the instrument playing, there is so much vibrant energy and power in it. It’s one of the few live version songs that I continuously return to, and have to hear in at least one sitting per month (one sitting, meaning I listen to this song about 10+ times). This song’s full sound fills up my room (or wherever I am), and my lungs when I’m singing it. The part that sweeps me off my feet every time, is right around the 2:17 mark; and then there’s this amazing climax (yeah, I said it) that comes at 4:05. Wheeeew! I love it. Anand Wilder’s (guitarist/lead vocalist–guy in the purple/blue plaid shirt) voice with Ira Wolf Tuton’s (guitarist/vocalist–guy with the long hair in the video) voices together is, like, liquid gold. But, then, when you mix in keyboardist Chris Keating’s unique, but orgasmic vocals…. lawwwwwwwd (pay attention to 2:49, and 3:40-the end). This is the perfect song. I only ever want to hear it live.

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Tiffny: This was a no-brainer for me. Hotel California by Eagles will forever and always be my favorite song to listen to live. I remember the first time I heard this song (it was a live recording) and I was instantly enraptured by the guitar and Don Henley’s voice. I’ve probably scoured youtube looking for all and every live version of this track at various times and can confidently say I will never get tired of this song. Ever.

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