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Solillaquists of Sound – “Gotham City Chase Scene” video

Continuing their trilogy of videos from their 2009 album “No More Heroes“, Solillaquists of Sound completed the second video – “Gotham City Chase Scene”. It’s a chase scene, so in it is a group of suited-up agents (who are actually a Parkour group) in a hot pursuit of the SoS members. It contains a lot of action — freerunning, fight scenes, and more. All of SoS (Alexandrah, Swamburger, DiVinci, and Tonya Combs) performed well too. The video is dope… I’ve watched it 9 times already! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

It was directed by X:144 (fantastic work!). They’ve been one of my favorite groups for awhile (since their 2006 album, “As If We Existed“), so without divulging too much information, just watch the video below…

Shot on a zero dollar budget in the heat of Orlando’s summer (temperatures during the shoot went as high as 100 degrees!), “Gotham” proved to be a true community effort; the video features the talents of local Parkour group Team Zoic, as well as appearances by prominent members of the city’s art and music scenes. The Solilla crew wound up shooting enough footage for a short movie during their grueling shooting schedule (an effort that will be highlighted in an upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary – check out the documentary trailer below).

The end result is a compelling, action-packed clip that demands multiple viewings, and acts as a revealing prequel to the “Marvel” clip. Stay tuned for the third installment in Solilla’s video trilogy…

If you missed their first video, “Marvel”, check it out here.

Congratulations SoS, X:144, and everyone else that was involved. Beautiful cinematography. I can’t wait to see the final piece.

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