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Showbiz & A.G. – “Walk With Me” video

Unknown to me, the veteran producer/rapper duo Showbiz and A.G. are still puttin’ out music. Last year, they released their latest album, titled Mugshot Music, via the D.I.T.C. label. Prior to that, they dropped a free 15-track album called Mugshot Music: Preloaded.

A few days ago, their “Walk With Me” single from Preloaded was provided with a music video. “They always walk with me // Cautiously, I move, a part of me in every way // One is who I was, the other is who I want to be,” A.G. speaks of life in the hook. Directed by Ray Ishido and Koss, with footage from their Rap Mayhem Tour last year in Amsterdam. Check it out, and then download that album for free.


1. DJ Premier’s Road Test (ft. DJ Premier)
2. That Nigga Crazy
3. Wolves (ft. OC)
4. Here and Now
5. I Just Go Along
6. God Is 4 Us
7. Berri Love (ft. OC)
8. Walk With Me
9. You IN Trouble (ft. DJ Premier)
10. My Imagination
11. Show And A
12. South Bronx Shit (ft. DJ Premier)
13. Experience
14. Suspended Animation
15. The Bond


Written By: Tiffany B.

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