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Sarah-Jane: Letter To The Moon

@SarahJaneMusiq | #SuperMoon | #LunarEclipse

I feel it’s only right that I post Sarah-Jane‘s soulful ode to the moon as tonight we anticipate the Lunar Eclipse, Super Moon & Blood Moon. Released in late summer, Letter To The Moon has been in heavy rotation on what seems to be every platform in The Netherlands and its easy to see why. Her voice is like so perfect, soulful and satisfying, like audio home-cookin’ to sooth your soul. I’ve been low key obsessed with her music since posting her song Psychedelic Love last summer. I only say “low key” because my inner hipster is fighting to keep her amazingness all to myself. In Letter To The Moon, SJ sings to the sky her love and if you’ve been missing some neo soul funk in your life, you’re definitely going to want to hit play. Sarah-Jane is one of those artists the take you there. Check her out:



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Written By: Tiffny

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