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Sángo – “Mais Mais Mais” EP

Seattle-based producer Sángo dropped a 3-track project today, called Mais Mais Mais (translated to “more more more”), that coincides with his DR3 Tour that’s happening throughout Brazil and Europe, beginning on January 20th. The project contains 2 original songs and one remix of Bryson Tiller‘s “Don’t”, all of which find him diving deeper into his Brazilian favela influences that have been a part of his sound for several years. Listen to the project below, and then download “Infinidade” and “F.L.O.R” for free via Soundcloud. These are some feel-good, baile funk-influenced smooth electronic grooves that you shouldn’t pass up (for real, they made me feel alive and free, while moving my body to the rhythm); such a great energy and feel-good vibe. Check it out. Also, if you missed it, go get his Da Rocinha 3 LP.

DR3 Tour Dates:
20 Jan – Brasilia
21 Jan – Rio de Janeiro
22 Jan – Curitiba
23 Jan РṢo Paulo
16 Feb – Amsterdam, NL
17 Feb – Brussels, BE
18 Feb – Manchester, UK
19 Feb – London, UK
20 Feb – Paris, FR
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