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Ruthie Collins – “Ruthie Collins” EP (live sampler)

Ruthie Collins (@ruthie_collins) is a singer from Nashville, Tennessee, and her music’s tagline is: “where vintage meets country.” With a love for everything vintage, Ruthie blends hearty folk into her music to give it a classic sound, while also adding in subtle pop undertones for a modern flare. What I am captivated by the most, is her sweet and ethereal voice over powerful string harmonies of bluegrass instrumentation (banjos, resonator guitar, acoustic guitar, upright bass). I don’t know how anyone could not enjoy what she’s bringing to the table here.

Ruthie Collins has a self-titled EP coming out next week, on December 16th, and her debut single is a cover of Hank Williams’ “Ramblin’ Man”. I came upon Ruthie’s music through Noisetrade, when I heard the 4-track live sampler of the EP. “Trainwreckin‘” is an upbeat, catchy song about going out to have a good, carefree time, especially when you’re feeling down. It’s one of those fierce party songs that can add to your “soundtrack to a fun, rowdy night that you might regret the next morning” playlist (probably alongside Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood’s “Somethin’ Bad”, Gretchen Wilson’s “Here For The Party”, and Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder & Lead”). Another favorite is “Get Drunk And Cry“, which I think is a great follow-up to the previous track. It’s an honest, melancholy song that finds Ruthie singing about still being broken-hearted, seeing your ex with another girl, and dealing with the emotions… by locking yourself in a room to be a sobbing, drinking mess. “Ready To Roll” was written when Ruthie and her husband put a down-payment on a 1972 Argosy Airstream. They remodeled it to drive around, from city to city, to play music in. It’s a song about just that–rolling down the highway, hanging out in nature, and enjoying what life has to offer. Lastly, there’s “Vintage“, which encompasses all that she is and enjoys–from living in an old house, wearing old family jewelry, collecting old photographs, to living in the good old days.

Watch a live performance of “Trainwreckin'”, see the Argosy Airstream they bought in “Ready To Roll”, and then click play on the player to hear the sampler! Download for free, or leave a tip, at Noisetrade. Look out for her album!


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