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Run Wrake… run, rabbit, run.

Run Wrake is a British animator and illustrator. He has collaborated with Howie B, created visuals for U2’s Vertigo tour, and many others. All of his animations are based around beats and music. For “Rabbit” (the video posted above), he pieced together 1950‘s educational children’s stickers that he had bought from a junk shop. The film is a story about the dangers of greed and exploring nature. There were about 200 stickers total and it took about 16 months to create. Rabbit” has been quite successful at various film festivals all over the world, and once you view it, you’ll soon understand why. It’s like something you have never seen before, in a good way. His work can be so inspirational; the way he transforms and creates things is amazing. If you go to his website, you can see a lot of his other work – short films, music videos, tv graphics, commercials, and illustrations. It’s a small glimpse of what Wrake sees in his head and then puts it all into visuals for the entire world to see.

Below is an interview:

I was kind of dazed when I was watching around 2:57. I felt like I could just watch those colorful boxes and that object jumping onto each one over and over… and over again. Haha, crazy cool.

Written By: Tiffany B.

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    September 7, 20089:07 pm

    When they cut the rabbit in half… That has to be the sharpest knife ever!

    Boondocks, Metalocalypse, Robot Chicken, Assy McGee, Squidbillies, Venture Bros., Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law – not to mention the various anime shows! You’ve missed out on alotta stuff, but now, it’s time to catch up! : )

  • Tiffany La Ghost

    September 2, 20082:18 am

    I think I’ve only watched Adult Swim stuff… twice in my life. :[ Then again, I just recently got cable back.

    But yeah, that video had me saying, “WTF?” when I first saw the little kids killing the rabbit.


    September 1, 20087:15 pm

    Whoa! That 1st video is a bit too strange – and disturbing – for me! I think I’ll stick with the Adult Swim line-up!


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