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Rude Paper: New Rasta Virus Feat. Double K [VIDEO]

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South Korean Reggae/Dancehall collaborative Rude Paper is back with new music! Their latest track, New Rasta Virus (feat Double K), is so addictive and reminds me of why I became a fan of theirs in the first place. Mixing elements of reggae, dubstep, hip hop, rock and electronica, the guys of Rude Paper have created for themselves a signature sound, accentuated by Koonta’s powerful lyrics and vocals. I absolutely love these guys and the subtle evolution of their sound is, in my opinion, a marker of their imminent longevity and status as innovators in S. Korea’s music scene.

Check out my interview 2011 with Rude Paper and look through our posts to get an idea of how they’ve evolved over the 4 years.

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