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Rocky Rivera – “Godsteppin” video

Back in June, Bay Area emcee Rocky Rivera dropped a music video for “Godsteppin”, from her Nom De Guerre EP (a proper write-up on that soon). The song was produced by Fatgums, and it finds Rocky spitting powerful lyrics about racism, injustice, police brutality, and was largely inspired by organizers around the world that took action in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. The video, by CoolReve, not only shows Rocky performing the song, but also live footage from some of the protests (RIP Mike Brown, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, and those who have lost / continue to lose their lives due to the on-going injustice). Watch the music video below.

Taken from the first verse:
You were given a chance // To acknowledge my greatness // Benefit of the doubt // I pardon your lateness // More than a feminist // More than a rapping activist with kids // More than a mommy // More than his wifey // More than a journalist // Godsteppin – I’m Godsteppin // See what they done did now // Told them if they pushed us too far, I will come out // Remind them that I’m holy // Hands up, don’t shoot // If I can’t breathe, then you can’t breathe // If you rush me, then I rush you // They think they can bury us under the weight of our own oppression // What they didn’t know is that tragedy comes with another blessing // And the fire inside of me only grows bigger with every injustice // Jesus wasn’t the only one who’s crucified in public // I am the sound of a million marches headed to city hall // I am the one that you call when you question if there is a God at all…

Written By: Tiffany B.

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