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Rey Resurreccion x Clout “Sleeping Giants” album

Here’s a first-of-the-month goody for you! Rey Resurreccion released his album, “Sleeping Giants“, on November 20th, and Clout Magazine was giving it away for free with any purchase from their store. Well, guess what? For all of December, they are now letting you grab the album for FREE download. I’ve been waiting for this for the last 3 days, haha, so don’t hesitate to hit the download link below…


1. Graffiti On The Bus
2. Who Want It (f. E.Sik)
3. King Of The Town (prod. by Chexmex, cuts by DJ Rcade)
4. Piece Of Mind (f. Oneself DaVinci, cuts by DJ Traps)
5. Gunman (prod. by Barry Bones)
6. Falling Up (cuts by DJ Squareweezy of The Bangerz)
7. Spell (prod. by Nima Fadavi, cuts by DJ Rcade)
8. Oh I (f. Gi)
9. Every Moment (f. Paulie Rhyme, Vic Freeze, G Owens)
10. Tripple Beam (f. Noah Deeakili, Apakalips, Matty Slims)
11. Yeah Yeah (f. Solis Cin, Gi)
12. The Hometown (prod. Cutso of The Bangerz)

Thanks Clout!

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