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Raquel Rodriguez – “California” (Joni Mitchell cover) video

Through a request by her own mom, singer Raquel Rodriguez recently covered Joni Mitchell‘s “California” song from her 1971 album Blue. Jamey Arent sits beside Raquel, playing guitar. Staying true to the tender high and mid-range notes, Raquel sings sweetly about the place she calls home. Beautiful song and very nice cover. Check it out.

This video is dedicated to my mom, Evelina Rodriguez. My mom is the one person that knows me better than I know myself, so when she picked this song by Joni Mitchell, I was more than happy to cover it. Joni is definitely one of my faves and this song hits home for me.

Mom, thank you for always pushing me to be a better person and musician, for teaching me how to love music and for introducing me to artists who eventually became some of my favorites. I love you more than I could ever write or sing, thank you for believing in me.

Written By: Tiffany B.

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