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Raquel Rodriguez – “Better Days” video

Raquel Rodriguez (@rqlrod) dropped a brand new soulful song and music video today, called “Better Days”. Over a head-nodding beat driven by deep bass strings and snare drums, which carries an upbeat melody of light horns, finger snaps, and playful keys, Raquel reflects on an old relationship, while saying goodbye to heartbreak and hello to freedom and better days. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything new from this talented singer (her Miss Me album came out in 2013), so I’m happy to see some new material. Watch the music video below, directed by Giovanni Solis. If you’re feeling the song, go ahead and download it for $1 at Bandcamp.


To go along with the theme of this song, Raquel Rodriguez has a contest going on, where she will take the winners out to dinner, at her family’s restaurant. Read the rules below to see how to enter.


1. Post a picture (or video) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube about what your goals are and what you’re doing throughout these next couple of weeks (9/22 – 10/5) to reach those goals. Whether it be your job, relationship, school, music, dance, friends…whatever, BE CREATIVE! We are all working towards living better days, I want to see what you’re doing to get there! Tag @RQLROD and use #mybetterdays to enter photo.

2. I will take the creators of my five favorite stories out to dinner at my family’s restaurant, Gilbert’s El Indio, in Santa Monica, CA to break bread and just hang. (The margaritas alone are worth entering the contest!)

3. If you are from out of town, you’ll have a seat at the table via Google hangouts, and if you’re in a town of one of my future tours, I’ll take you out to dinner and put you on our guest list when we come through!

That’s it! Now get your groove on!. Winners will be announced Tuesday, October 6th!

Written By: Tiffany B.

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