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[ARCHIVE] Puffy is poison…


Let me start off by saying… hello CB readers. My name is Tiffany (but this one is from Arizona), and this is my first post. Wow, that sounded like AA-meeting material. Haha. I am choosing to start if off with a Youtube video I saw earlier today that was produced by Will Hatcher[http://www.willhatcher.com/].

He’s (picture above) a stand-up comedian that resides in Florida. To the best of my knowledge, he became popular by the various videos he has on the internet. I’ve only seen a few of his videos though. The very first one I saw was some response to Bow Wow’s talk of internet haters [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F7E-wLTVPc]. I don’t know about you, but this cat makes me laugh. He, or an iThug that he is portraying, is/can be an equal-opportunist hater. Haaa.


Alright, back to the original video I was going to post. No offense to the Diddy lovers, but this is hilarious. Puff was good at one point, but he kind of fell off for me. The video shown below was produced by Will Hatcher, but the person in it is comedian Maronzio Vance [http://www.myspace.com/maronzio] (and daaaaamn, he’s attractive – picture posted above this paragraph). Here are some major points that I was cracking up at:

1. I KNOW you remember Total. “Kissing You” [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7TybDq_Ur4] was one of their jaaaams. I was talking to Yarah Bravo a little over a week ago – sending tracks to her and what not. She wanted me to send her that specific track. I had totally forgotten about them, so I made my way over to youtube. Took a little trip down memory lane with all the old R&B joints. Oowee. And Carl Thomas… man. There were many good girl/guy groups before the year 2000.

2. Hahaha. When he was going back and forth between Ma$e being a reverend and a rapper = comedy. Good ‘ol Ma$e. “I don’t know what the fuck Puffy did to Ma$e.” Can I curse in this blog? Sorry if it offends anyone, I tend to have a potty mouth sometimes.

3. “Better than sombodies best-efforts (or is it evers?) on a good day. -Mumbles. Ray J.” “People even bootleg Ray J from time to time. They probably don’t mean to…” “Oh, you mean Brandy’s brother? Moesha’s brother.” Hahah. There was one song I liked by Ray J though. That “One wish” song was cute, guys. Don’t stone me.

4. “Frontin like they had the man-power, like whoa! More or less. More or so, I’ll rip your torso. I live the fast life, come through in the Porshe slow, like whoa!” That’s the only Black Rob track I even remember hearing. The beat was hella nice. And the repetition of the same two words on every bar? Like whoa [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_ZK_3Bvpm8]!

5. Who’s B5 (“I thought those were Tito Jackson’s kids“)? And that Christian person? Day 26? No idea who some of these end people were that he was talking about.

I wonder if any of them appeared on the Where Are They Now? show. For real though, I would like to know where they disappeared to. It could probably be answered by Wikipedia (that site has everything). Haha. “Puffy changes his name like he’s running from child support“. Hahah! Dude is wrong, but he’s funny and he’s speaking the truth in the video.


Alright, until next time… PEACE.

Written By: Tiffany B.

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    July 25, 20086:25 pm

    Yo, that dude is funny but when you really break down and analyze what he’s sayin’, it’s sad… ’cause it’s true! The only people who’ve benefitted BIGTIME from hookin’ up with Puff is Jennifer Lopez and Biggie. Then again, Biggie can’t count ’cause he’s dead.

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