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Petite Meller – “Barbaric” video

Earlier this year, I listed Petite Meller‘s “Backpack” as a song I was obsessed with, and it still rings true to today. I love that song, that video, and Petite Meller! Who is she, you ask? Petite Meller is a defiant, sweet-voiced pop singer from Paris, France, whose music always sounds so fun and youthful, while packing a strong message, and her music videos are artistic with such a bright, pastel colors. That’s definitely the case with her latest song and music video, “Barbaric”, too.

An uptempo electro-pop beat takes over, as she sings about not wanting to be changed to fit into the social norms, and to freely explore one’s own wildest desires; to become that wild wolf without people trying to tame her. If you’re familiar with Petite Meller and her music videos, it’s clear to see that she does what she wants and she’s as unique as they come… I mean, heck, she’s having a blast with a bunch of elderly people, proving that they, too, can have a good time despite being confined in retirement homes. It’s a very charming video and I love the song. Plus, the chorus and the “whooo, whoo!” part of the hook is catchy, and I can’t help but sing along and move my hands to my ears like they all do in the video. Look out for her debut album–I sure will be!


Written By: Tiffany B.

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