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Pentatonix: Where Are Ü Now [VIDEO]


Yesterday PTX released their official cover/video of “Where Are Ãœ Now,”originally by JACK Ãœ (Skrillex & Diplo) featuring Justin Bieber. I actually hadn’t realized I’d heard the original version until I set out to make this post because I’m not an active listener of either three artists (meaning I didn’t know they were the original artists nor did I know the title of the song). Pentatonix, of course came through with their acapella voodoo magic, creating a fresh new version (that’s insanely addictive) for our enjoyment. As per, it’s best to listen with headphones so you can hear ever little nuance and marvel at the fact there are ONLY 5 VOICES going on here:

Anyway, with all of that said, I love both versions but Pentatonix never disappoints and always ends up in rotation more than the originals. Their new album comes out on October 16th and I’m /so/ excite. SO excite.



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