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Papa J. Ruiz – “Stolen Whip (Hard Headed)” video

Having gone through having the Youtube video taken down due to false copyright claims and taking guerrilla tactics of letting his fans upload the video anywhere/everywhere else (get informed here and here), Papa J. Ruiz‘s music video for “Stolen Whip (Hard Headed)” is back up on the Organized Threat channel. Have you seen it yet?

From the Colorado rapper’s latest album, titled HR-1955, the song is about being under-appreciated, disrespected, and judged by people who don’t expect much from him (From the hook: “Why they want me down, why they want me down, in the ground? // Before I can kiss my mama // Why they want me down, why they want me down? // Dear mama, I love you“). He raps about being a hard-working father hustling to provide for his family, striving for his dreams no matter the obstacles, wanting to put his city on the map, and proving people wrong. There’s pain and a somber vibe in the beat and lyrics, but it’s also juxtaposed with words of perseverance and confidence.

Directed by Chad A. Marshall, the conceptual visual steps into the lyrical theme, by showing us a behind-the-scenes look into the personal lives of Papa J. and friends, who are also seen throughout the video wearing black ski masks, robbing stores, and driving off in a getaway car. There are a lot of great aerial location shots, and it’s just a visually stunning video. Watch it now, and grab the album.

Written By: Tiffany B.

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