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Odélie Chan’s “ODELIE MEETS TOKYO” collection

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Ever since I featured Parisian jewelry designer Odélie Chan in our fourth magazine issue, I’ve been a fan and follower of her work. She just released a brand new collection, called “Odelie Meets Tokyo”. In this collection, she takes her colorful, geometric designs into more lifestyle accessories, where we now see her beautiful, feminine work having a place on clutches and iPhone cases! And, it’s her first project for the Japanese market!

Odélie Chan returned from Japan one week ago, where she spent some time there to network, have a good time, and open up a pop-up shop in Tokyo. She set up her booth at Isetan Shinjuku, between August 5th and August 10th (see some behind-the-scenes photos on her website here), and it looks like everything went well. Since her return, she’s been posting a lot of new pieces over at Instagram, where I discovered that she had a brand new collection! “Odelie Meets Tokyo” is made up of 3 new designs, called “Arcane”, “Ailleurs”, and “Capteur de rêves”; each of which are described to be associated with Egypt mysteries and the exoticism of travel and Amerindian beliefs.

Although she was out-and-about today, she found some time to answer a few questions:

Tiffology: I’d like to know more about the collaboration. Did you go to Japan?
Odelie Chan: I went to Japan, yes. I just came back one week ago. I went there for a big pop up store in Tokyo. It was amazing!

Can you tell me about the creative ideas and how much time went into this collection?
This clutch and iPhone project started one year ago. I did everything. I designed the clutches, I chose the material, colors, size, and worked with a French graphist on my initial drawings. Each theme reminds [me of] a jewelry collection that I did in the past. You can find the meaning of each one on the website (listed below).

Where can people purchase items from this collection?
It is a special project for the Japanese market, so it’s sold only there at the moment. I hope it will become an international project, if people like it and shops are interested about distributing it! My agent is Japanese, so many upcoming projects will definitely be for the Japanese market for now.

What excites you most about this?
I’m happy to have this project out. It’s a way for me to expand my work to other domains, accessories, etc. My main goal would be to create some clothes in the future, with original prints, if I can. Also, many collaborations with the Japanese artists I’ve met during my last trip.

[divider]Arcane (Gold Clutch)[/divider]

“Blinded by the light, Ra, the Sun God, the Creator of the universe, poured his first tears and from his tears appeared the first humans. The sun, symbol of life and the Egyptian cat, female symbol of protection and benevolence, all both are fighting for every sunrise is a victory over darkness. A glance at the ancient Egypt , myths and mysteries.”

odeliechan -Lifestyle-JAPAN-gold

[divider]Ailleurs (Silver Clutch)[/divider]

“The imagination of a totem symbolizing prosperity of travel, adventure, expanding our vision of the world and of life accompanied by the hummingbird, actor of many Native American legends, capable of fascinating exploits despite its small size, smallest step we added another step brings us closer to a goal. From contemplating walking towards oneself.”


[divider]Capteur de rêves (Electric Blue Clutch)[/divider]

“A Native American tipi geometrized to embody the element symbol “Air”; a feather to carry our thoughts to peace. A glance at the Native American wisdom whose nature is their God, live with it and not dominate it. Every plant, every animal, every mountain, every place, every living being is sacred.”



odeliechan - pochettes-fond-blanc
odeliechan -coques-i-phone_2930



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