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NomiS – “Traffic” (ft John Givez) video

NomiS is an emcee from Southern California, who takes pride in being a conscious artist that aims to shed light on dark truths, and hopes to change lives through his music. Some of his history includes releasing four albums (Mouthpiece of the Lion in 2008, Rosario Dawson in 2010, Searching for Alpha Trion in 2012, and The Wretched: A soundtrack of Justice & Redemption inspired by Les Miserables in 2013); receiving a co-sign from Rosario Dawson on his 2010 Rosario Dawson album; and having shared stages with musicians in various genres (Wanda Sykes, Evidence, As I Lay Dying, The Visionaries, SuperNATURAL, Toby Mac, & others).

On November 13th, he’ll be releasing his fifth project, titled Socially Just. He recently dropped the first single and video for a song called “Traffic”. Co-produced by NomiS and Anthony Cruz, the song begins with a honking horn, melancholy piano playing and a monotonous rhythm of hi-hat taps. While the beat is in its slowed plateau state, NomiS comes in with an intense spoken word delivery, taking the listener into the inner thoughts of a busy somebody, experiencing road rage in heavy traffic. About a minute into it, the beat picks up, adding in a sense of urgency with engine revving, hard-hitting drums, and vocal samples, while he keeps at his verse about someone stuck in road traffic.

The second verse continues the storytelling, but this time taking us into the life and thoughts of someone trapped in the sex trafficking trade–a girl who is more than how she’s viewed on the outside; as someone whose life matters; as someone who has dreams and a better future; and as someone who is aching to break free and/or to be saved. “Traffic” is a creative song that’s packed with a lot of emotional weight and thought-provoking lyrics that follow two separate worlds colliding into one another, coming to a full, unexpected stop, and it’s brilliantly executed–especially, in combination with the video, which accurately follows the storyline.

The song and visual takes me back to the first time that I heard/watched Mr. J. Medeiros‘ song for “Constance” (also about human trafficking), back in ’07, because I didn’t expect to cry when listening to it. Much like that, this song strikes a chord within me and moves me to tears. Plus, fellow So-Cal vocalist John Givez layers the song with his soulful singing between verses, and wow! Such a powerful, heartbreaking song, that needs to be heard. Watch the video below.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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