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MUTEMATH – “Monument” video

I’m a sap. I’m one of those people that cries at something beautiful (or sad, obviously), and I definitely teared up while watching alternative rock band MUTEMATH‘s latest music video, for their song “Monument”. Actually, you’re probably an apathetic robot or an alien, if you DON’T get a little bit teary-eyed watching it (unless you have a case of dry eyes, then I don’t fault you for that). Directed by Israel Anthem (for Science Lab), the visual is centered around a charismatic and humble man from Starkville, Mississippi, named Charles “LaLa” Evans.

His story goes a little something like this: In 1951, LaLa married his high school sweetheart, Louise, in a wedding ceremony on his father’s front yard. Following the civil rights movement, he became the first African American postman in the community of Needmore, continuing his father’s legacy of giving back. After nearly 60 years of marriage, Louise passed away in 2011, a month before their wedding anniversary, and LaLa soon turned their home into a museum that’s entirely dedicated to the life and memories they shared–A monument of love, if you will. He has since regularly hosted guests, inviting in locals and giving tours through the endless photos, music and memorabilia he’s put on display for Louise. If that’s not beautiful and a testament to true love, I’d call you a liar.

The music video is wonderfully shot and, while I do not know this man, I think it captures his kind heart and joyous spirit very well, as well as the love and life that these two shared. Because of this video, and the other two that I’ve shared below, I’ve found LaLa to be an incredibly uplifting and inspiring person. He moves with such love and positivity that is so special. I smiled seeing his face light up when he talked about her, watching him dance around the house (he has some smooth moves and that high kick is incredible!), living life to the fullest while sharing their life with the world, seeing all the home footage spliced throughout (they looked like a sweet couple that never stopped having a good time), and seeing the museum (called “LaLa and Louise Land” or “LaLa and Louise’s Place”) that he has dedicated to his wife through hundreds of pictures, a whimsical and colorful umbrella grove, and other beautiful arrangements. The set up is full of so much life, love, happiness, fun personality, and a lot of color! The song pairs PERFECTLY with this love story, and I applaud MUTEMATH for making this happen and helping to share this couple’s life with the rest of the world, through this documentary-style video.

Watch the music video for “Monument” below, and then watch a video that shows his reaction when he watched it for the very first time. That made me cry even more than the video!

From MUTEMATH lead singer, Paul: We feel so fortunate to have met Charles “LaLa” Evans when we did. He is the living embodiment of not only our song “Monument,” but everything we aspired to write about for this whole new album. We are so honored that he allowed us the opportunity to share his simple yet profound story of an enduring love through our song’s music video. It’s the first time we’ve ever attempted anything like this, but we felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a documentary-style music video highlighting the life of a very special soul who might not have otherwise had their story told. We sincerely hope you enjoy and are able to take away the same joy and inspiration that we were upon getting to meet this wonderful man.

Written By: Tiffany B.

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