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Music is music

I don’t not listen to something because it’s in a different language… and you shouldn’t either. Music is music. I already know Tiffany and Mono agree with this, because I can see their music tastes are outside of the English realm too. Examples of what I’m talking about include – and are in no specific order:

1. TTCFrench hip hop / electronica. MC’s Tido Berman, Teki Latex, and Cuizinier plus DJ Orgasmic
2. Hocus Pocus (2) – French hip hop. Their music mixes all of hip hop’s true elements with live instrumentation influenced by jazz, soul, and funk music. What’s not to like? They’ve done music with artists such as The Procussions too.
3. Ghislain Poirier – He’s a French DJ and producer. Pronounced: Jeece-lan Paw-war-yeah… say it properly, or he won’t be your friend (on myspace, haha). His music is considered dubstep / hip hop / reggae / bounce / baile funk. I really like his beats. And the music video, “Don’t Smile”, is dope.
4. Les Nubians – French R&B sisters Helene and Celia from Paris. Here’s a track they did with Guru.
5. DJ MehdiFrench hip hop / electro producer. This video features the group Chromeo. The video is cool, it shows these two dancers passing by eachother every day… dancing. (Another video that features a legendary graffiti artist, Futura, tagging all over a white room). Mehdi is married to Fafi too. ;]
6. Jazz LiberatorzFrench hip hop beatmakers. Their latest album, “Clin D’oeil”, is a tribute to the golden age of hip hop… with a fusion of soul and jazz music from the 70s. If you’re not the least bit interested in that alone, you need to be smacked. Haha. The album features artists such as: Fatlip, Stacy Epps, Buckshot, Apani B, Sadat X, J Live, Rashaan Ahmad, etc.
7. Yelle (2)- French electro / pop singer.
8. Nujabes – Japanese hip hop DJ and producer, I love his music. You should seriously check out his other beats, I’ve never been let down. Video: features an artist by the name of Shing02… also sick. He’s worked with Cyne, Funky DL, Apani B, Substantial, and CL Smooth (videos!). I ♥ Nujabes.
9. DJ MuroJapanese hip hop DJ and producer. The video in the link features a few other Japanese cats – Uzi, Deli, Q, Bigzam, Tokona-X, and Gore-Tex. I haven’t seen the video in so long, I didn’t think it’d ever show up on youtube again. Haha, so I had to post this up on here. I’m mad I still can’t find it on slsk. :|
10. DJ Krush – Japanese hip hop DJ and producer. Video: beat is nice and it features Esthero. I love her too.
11. DJ Kentaro (2, 3) – Japanese hip hop DJ. In 2002, he became one of the first Asians to win the DMC World DJ Final. He’s worked with folks like Pharcyde and DJ Shadow. :]
12. DJ Bizkid – My hip hop friend in Germany. His turntablism is dope and he works with some dope MCs that I’ve never heard of… but they spit some good stuff.
13. Killa Kela – Beatboxer from England. Video is about 10 minutes long, but it’s worth it.

If the song has a video to it and you can dig the vibe that it brings…
If the song has the perfect beat that makes your body parts move and dance (feet, head, other limbs)…
If the song is laced with some ill table scratching…
If the song features someone making music with their mouth aka beatboxing…
If the song can make me feel that specific emotion that it’s expressing…
If the song can speak to you on numerous levels…

then it can climb inside of me/you no matter
what language or genre it’s in or represents.

Though I don’t understand songs in another language, the beats and vibes of the music are universal. And even if or when I translate the words into English… it’s still music to my ears. None of that phony material. Now, I know what I posted above is a small portion of what’s out there. What I posted is just a glimpse of what’s up in the hip hop scene, for the most part (excluding Yelle) and that I could think of off the top of my head. Anything else you know of, that you think I might like, you’re welcome to drop names in the comments. :] Be easy.

Plus, if you have Last.fmadd me or something. /End shameless-plug.

Written By: Tiffany B.

Music and arts journalist, music curator, and co-boss babe of CrayonBeats since 2008! I've published 3,000+ posts consisting of new music, reviews, and interviews. I also do half of everything of CrayonBeats Magazine, so get familiar with our issues! Aside from being a music aficionado, I'm also a freelance artist/illustrator, a creative soul, a natural born lover, a comic book reader, an optimist, and a bit of a weirdo. I hate writing bios about myself, so see ya.

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    August 17, 20083:44 am

    That's a whole lotta people you posted there. I can say I heard of about half of 'em…

    Them Hocus Pocus cats ain't no joke and I've been diggin' their style for a year and a half now. Their new album is dope too.

    As for recommendations, you should check for a Japanese cat by the name of BACH LOGIC. He mainly works with his own crew of 4 emcees (used to be 5 up until late last year) called DOBERMAN INC, but he also works with other Japanese artists by providing dope original production and remixes. He also makes remixes of songs by American Hip-Hop and R&B artists that he puts on compilation CD's and releases only in Japan. Most times, his remix is better than the original track. Perhaps, his most famous remix album is the one he did with DJ Whoo Kid for Jay-Z called "The Red Album".

    Videos/songs to peep:

    1. DOBERMAN INC "FIVESTAR LINERS" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSWPwFprPlA

    2. JAY-Z "99 PROBLEMS" (BACH LOGIC AKA BL REMIX) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XTAEvlhUwU

    3. Anarchy – "K.H.B.K." pro. BACH LOGIC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIpxTYuKwt4

    3.a. Not BACH LOGIC produced, but ANARCHY related and dope as fuck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQjRvhlXCC8&feature=related

    4. Ghostface Killah "Back Like That(Bach Logic Remix) Ft.Ne-Yo" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GNh7Kb-Z3k

  • Tiffany La Ghost

    August 11, 20085:39 pm

    I mean… I know there are people out there who won’t listen to music because it’s in another language that they don’t comprehend… they won’t give it a chance. :|

    Hahahaha, I swear. You should make a LFM, it’s actually kind of fun in a way. :]

    I’ll definately have to check out IAM in a moment. :]

  • ♥,Tiffny!

    August 11, 20084:56 pm

    word to your mutha, Tiff.Although I don’t know anybody who listens to music just because it's in a different language, I'm sure it happens. The thing I like though, like you said is that music is universal, it is love<33.

    I see you like French Hip Hop…check out IAM. I came by them from an Import Showoff Mixtape:
    haha that's the only song I know of from them, but me likes alot! ^^

    lol immuh make a LFM just to add you…lol so your shameless plugging doesn't go to waste.

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