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[ARCHIVE] MOCA Presents-Rebuilding the Bridge

Last night, The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) hosted a charity event to raise disaster relief funds for the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake that hit China in May of 2OO8, the deadliest earthquake the country has seen since 1976. MercyCorps, one of the key organizations in providing relief in China, was also apart of this event. Co-Sponsored by Verizon, APEX, iaTV,ICON Philadelphia, LeeRehab, ningin,World Journal, HOT 97, THEME, and others; the event was held at Pace University in New York City.

Asian American and American performers from Hip Hop to R&B, spoken word, and dance all came out to raise awareness, and money as well. Hitting the stage was:
Ken Leung: actor(ABC’s Lost)
Councilman John C. Liu
DJ Cipha Sounds: HOT 97 personality/DJ
DJ Delinger
Miss Info: HOT 97 personality, and host of the event-love her, she’s adorable, and hella funny!
Ryan Leslie: R&B singer, and producer
Andrew Choi: singer/songwriter
Beau Sia: spoken word artist
J-Lim: K-pop singer, and future American chart topper
G-Soul: future American chart topper
JYP: singer,songwriter, producer, dancer, cook, magician,author, dammit the man has probably done it all, and is still doing it (go ‘head Mr. Park!)
Planet BBoy: Directed by Benson Lee, effing awesome flick. if i do say so myself.
Dynamic Rockers: BBoys–effing SICK!
Breaks Crew: BBoys–equally effing SICK!
Jabbawockeez: lol like you don’t know.

anywho, I’m kinda tired now, so I’m not gonna give a WHOLE rundown of the show (you shoulda came =P) but I will post a few of my crappy videos and pictures for you to enjoy..or complain about whatev. Oh, and I’M SO PISSED.MY PICS OF BEAU ARE BLURRRRRRRY AND MY VIDEO OF HIS FRAWESOME POEM WON’T PLAY!!! i love him..this sucks. ={


J-LIM: Music Is My Life ft. G-Soul

Andrew Choi

NAS with Miss Info & Director, Rik Cordero

Written By: Tiffny

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    July 21, 20086:09 pm

    Bet you’ll never make that mistake again! It’s a shame that we learn these things after the fact. By then, the moment has already passed and you wanna hit yourself in the head and say, “Why didn’t I?… ” But, hey, until you get things straight, you gotta do what you gotta do…

  • Fraggle Rock Star

    July 21, 20081:40 am

    -JLIM WAS A-EFFING-AMAZING!! So yes, if she ever comes to Philly, you should def. go check her out.

    -Nas didn't perform, however they did show his Sly Fox PV (directed by Rik Cordero, and starring Miss Info)

    -And, no, I was low on memory so I couldn't get any really good parts. It just served to remind me that I need to stop being CHEAP and get a camcorder ><


    July 20, 20086:51 pm

    I bet that J-LIm was dope! If she ever comes to Philly, I’m gonna go see her!

    Not too excited about Nas as a live performer tho… Saw him on an awards show back in 2002 doin’ “One Mic” and was disappointed ’cause it sounded like he was outta breath most the time. Then again, the delivery required for that song is unusual (start the verse off at a whisper and yell the words when it’s almost done). He’s prolly much better overall when performing other songs.

    On another note… Did you edit some of those videos? Or were you running low on memory and had to pick and choose what you wanted to record?

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