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Masta Ace – “I Did It” video

From Masta Ace‘s most recent album, MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne, produced entirely by MF Doom, watch the music video for his single “I Did It”. The visuals feature a bunch of photos and footage from his old videos, taking us old fans down memory lane.

In the first verse, Ace expresses all the reasons why he DID IT, regarding hip hop, his motivations, and his influences. The second verse tells us why he is STILL doing it. Real dope track and video. “I did it, still do it, and this is how it’s done.

Look at my behavior, this is how you do it // I did it with the mic and my voice goin’ through it // I did it with energy, and always did it thorough // I did it for NY, and I did it for my borough // I did it for the Ville, I did it for the thrill // And when I did do it, you knew that it was real…”

I do it for the flights, so I can see the world // I do it for my wife, and my little girl // Super hero dad can save the day // I do it for the cats that pave the way // I do it for the vets, I do it for the Jets // I do it for the Yanks, I do it for the Mets // I do it for the Knicks, I do it for the kicks // Then I cross the bridge, and do it for the Bricks…

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Written By: Tiffany B.

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