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Manuel Facchini F/W 15 short film “Cyborg Ophelia”

Manuel Facchini is a fashion designer that received his B.A. at Saint Martins School of Arts in London and, after years of work and experimentation, has launched his own fashion brand during this year’s London fashion week. His design aesthetic is that of innovative shapes and concepts, blending the worlds of Gothic rock and high-tech sport.

I randomly stumbled onto his campaign video for his Fall/Winter 2015 collection, called “Cyborg Ophelia”, and was blown away by how cool it was. Accompanied by an industrial/electro beat, we see a naked cyborg woman come to life when a fashion-infused drop of water hits her body. Manuel Facchini‘s designs decorate her body and she rises from the ground, dancing and moving while wearing his newest collection. His pieces are true works of art, too, with architectural structuring, clean silhouettes, strong color contrasts, geometric designs, and hard, yet soft styles. The color palette is almost entirely black and white, with an occasional bold pop of color. Such sophisticated beauty and intricacy in his symmetrical designs, too. I love it and I want everything!

Watch the video below (it’s a little NSFW, by the way), and then check out some of his pieces (more can be seen on his website).

From Manuel Facchini:
“Through a contaminated (black) drop with the semen of a alien/cyborg being, she gets back to life as a sort of cyborg doll.

From the skin emerges, like tattoos, the patterns of the collection and Ophelia launch herself in a plastic, artistic but not human dance: is through this dance that i show the collection.
The final is circular: she plunges back in her sarcophagus of water, as this dance, and the life that for an instant got back through her veins, was just a dream…”


Written By: Tiffany B.

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