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MadeGroceries – “That Yeah” (ft Ambre) video

James Dunn put me onto this song and music video, called “That Yeah”, by New Orleans rap group MadeGroceries. Formed by three guys that call themselves Oeaux Neal, Mauley Sincyr, and The Landlord, this TRXVISL-produced song finds the three rappers spitting verses about the good and the bad of their city, laced with social commentary on police brutality and boastful lyrics about being rap heroes, with vocalist Ambré singing that “yeah” throughout. Check the video below, directed by Writers Bloc, and then look out for their debut album.

Mauley describes MadeGroceries as “the bread ‘n butter of this rap ish. Don’t be afraid to embrace our energy, for it can change your perception of life, no family can survive our modern times without making groceries.” Oeaux says the song “embodies our city’s culture, the youth’s attitude and language.” Landlord calls it “another example of how we are unique but still naturally connected to the community we’re raised in.”


Written By: Tiffany B.

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