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Lucaléy – “Dance to the Drum of Our Hearts”

You can’t go wrong with fun, dance-ready songs about being true to yourself, and that’s exactly what we have here with Danish electropop duo Lucaléy‘s debut single, called “Dance To The Drum Of Our Hearts”. It’s even the official theme song for Copenhagen Pride, which is pretty cool. Pumping up the beat with galloping drums and handclaps, harmonizing background vocals, atmospheric sounds, and a boost of bright horns towards the end, singer Ea Philippa Tange’s pop vocals sweep across the upbeat rhythm while singing about being following your deepest desires and being free from judgement. Listen below!

Ea Philippa Tange says it’s about: “Daring to be who you really are and follow your deepest longing no matter what the outside world may think of it. Follow your own path in life even though it may not be the easiest way to go.”

Written By: Tiffany B.

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