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Jook & Pro – “In Charge” (ft Rebellion) video

(@jookthefirst @mcprototype)
Having formed in 2014, Jook & Pro are an emcee/producer duo from Ontario, California, with an album on the way. “In Charge” seems to be their first single, and it’s a feel-good song about working hard to make a name for oneself in hip hop, over easy-going, reggae-influenced live production. It also features gritty-voiced singer Rebellion in the chorus.

Directed by Original Knockoff, the music video is pretty simple, as it shows everyone performing the song against a white backdrop. Watch the music video below, then download the single for free (or pay what you want) over at Bandcamp. Look out for their debut album, titled The Rebirth of Jook The First.

About the single, Jook said:
“I guess you can say ‘In Charge’ is my way of saying ‘I’m here, this is what I’m about, get used to it.’ During the writing process, I was trying to envision a music video to go along with the lyrics. It felt like I was writing a movie script and that was such a powerful and inspirational tool for me. I used it throughout the rest of the album.”


Written By: Tiffany B.

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