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Jojee – “Unravel Me”

(@jojeemusic #pop)
I shared Jojee‘s second single yesterday, so I could follow that with her latest single today. Jojee’s alluring voice unravels over a mellow rhythm of bass-thumping drums and sudden horn blows, while she sings a hypnotic, sexy slow jam about the freeing feeling of love and being drawn to another person (“I can feel the way you touch me lately // You know that you can make me your lady // I’ll come back for you // Time after time // Take me close; I’m not up to battle // What we have made has become a little fragile“). Once again, for a third time, this one was produced by Mickey Valen.

The tempo picks up throughout the mesmerizing chorus (“You unravel me // You pull out the threads // Detangle all the stress // Don’t you stop what you’re doin’ cause you know // You unravel me“), with rattling hi-hats and echoing vocals, which helps in pulling the listener into the hot-and-steamy vibes. The closing bridge might take you by surprise, too. All in all, this is one of those late night lovin’ jams, and I’m diggin’ it. Give it a listen and download for free.


Written By: Tiffany B.

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