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Ill Clinton – “Ragnarok” album

Producer Ill Clinton dropped yet another dope project. On August 6th, we saw the release of his 14-track instrumental album, Ragnarok. In short, Ragnarok was the doom of the Gods and human life. In Norse Mythology, this was the beginning of the end and is described as lasting for 3 winters–with no summers in between–and ultimately breaking into a great, disastrous battle of death and destruction.

Ill Clinton created a batch of moody instrumentals that could essentially act as the soundtrack during Ragnarok. But instead of presenting you with the obvious dark and horrific-sounding beats to pair with the bloodshed, he constructs the tunes that could be heard when silence blankets the Earth and the dust settles. The calm after the storm and the rebirth that follows. Downtempo in style, the beats pound with hollow kicks and crunchy snares, elegant horns stretch out beyond slow maximal exhalation, delicate yet piercing strings, atmospheric keys give it a cinematic feel, shimmering chimes, minimal vocal samples stamped throughout, and eerie sounds creep across like a hazy fog. Super solid album from beginning to end.

Ragnarok is available in digital download and in limited edition green cassettes (made available by I Had An Accident Records). The first 20 people to purchase the album on cassette will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind cobalt blue tape that will have his Renaissance Sound EP and 3 unreleased DEPTHS tracks. Stream and purchase below.



Written By: Tiffany B.

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